Changes to My Personal Website


As I mentioned on my wiki page already, I worked on my personal website a bit.

First I modernized the project page. Then spruced up the site served from my personal box at home.

The modernization replaced the (somewhat limited) TclSSG templating the tables were based on with a (naturally) Tcl script generating plain Markdown. This is driven by a yaml configuration file listing all the projects, descriptions, locations, and categorizations. Updates are now done by editing the configuration, then rebuilding the site, and at last pushing it from staging to where it is served from.

Which is now two locations. The already known place on Core is now complemented by near-identical mirror served from my personal box at home, Self.

As the near-identical above implies, their differences are slight:

  • Both sites refer to each other in their respective navigation bars.

  • Core holds the fossil repositories of all my personal projects. Self simply references them.

  • On the other side, Self is where my hoards live, both Tcl things, and personal fancies.

    In these hoards I essentially capture backups of various fossil, git(hub), etc. source repositories. Both take submissions (Look for the Submit link in their navigation bars). As of Feb 27, 2021 the hoards contain 25G (Tcl) and 68G (Personal).

  • Note further that access to Self may be slow(er), or (intermittently) fail, as work consumes network bandwidth, or the system is in a reboot after some upgrade, etc. Cert issues should be reported to me tough.

Last, but not least, let me say Thank You here to Roy Keene for maintaining the machine the entire runs on.

Happy Tcling.