Pretty much all projects I am involved with, as shown below, are related to Tcl/Tk. At the moment this is also all software, no hardware.

First those I am contributing to.

CritclGithubC inlined into Tcl
ExpectSourceForgeControlling interactive terminal applications
OraTclSourceForgeTcl binding to Oracle DBs
RBC ToolkitSourceForgeRefactored BLT Components. BLT semi-reborn
TclCoreTcl Core
TclAppleScriptSourceForgeAppleScript binding
TclBitPrintSourceForgePrinting package
TcllibCoreTcl Library
TclProSourceForgeScriptics TclPro packages (Compiler, Loader, Parser)
TclSOAPSourceForgeSOAP web-rpc for Tcl
TclSSGGithub OriginGithub ForkStatic website generator
TclUNOSourceForgeOpenOffice binding
TclVFSSourceForgeTcl Virtual Filesystems
TclXSourceForgeExtended Tcl
TclXMLSourceForgeTcl XML processing
TkCoreTk Toolkit
TkImgSourceForgeAdditional image formats for Tk
TklibCoreTk Library
TkTable/Tile/VuSourceForgeTable widget, Tile Tk, Vu widgets
TkTreeCtrlSourceForgeTree/Table widget
TLSSourceForgeOpenSSL binding
TWAPISourceForgeTcl Windows API binding

And my own:

ArrayCoreChiselGithubTcl array storage
AtomCoreChiselGithubString interning
AutoDocLocalConverted markup in Tcl comments, and code into documentation
BackupCoreChiselGithubCode to easily back up a set of repositories
BlobCoreChiselGithubBlob storage
BookflowCoreChiselGithubProcessing scanned books
ChangeCoreChiselGithubA "Ticket Change" store inspired by fossil's ticket system
c.l.tLocalArchives of news:comp.lang.tcl
CmdrCoreChiselGithubCommand line processing framework (speak: Commander)
CrimpCoreChiselGithubImage Processing without Tk
CrunchCoreChiselGithubScripts to step through a fossil repository for processing, like benchmarks
DbUtilCoreChiselGithubsqlite3 database utilities
FamFamFamCoreChiselGithubfamfamfam icon sets wrapped into packages
FMailLocalMail filter package and application
FXCoreChiselGithubFossil eXtended (utilities)
gIOTLocalGeneral I/O transformation - Subsumed by Trf. Subsumed by Tcl 8.6+
InotifyChiselIncomplete start on a linux inotify binding
JToolsCoreChiselJpegTools - Simple Image Display and Editor
KettleCoreChiselGithubA build system for pure Tcl, and critcl packages
KineTclCoreChiselGithubOpenNI (v1) based access to Kinect and similar sensors
Tcl-LinenoiseGithubTcl binding to Antirez's linenoise line-editor library
LinenoiseGithubFork of Antirez's linenoise line-editor library
LinenoiseUtilsCoreChiselUtility and wrappers for Linenoise
LspaceCoreChiselSlow moving work on a personal digital library application
MailLocalReferences to mail processing utilities
MakeDistLocalApplication to generate a distribution from sources
MarpaCoreChisel(WIP) Binding to Jeffrey Kegler's libmarpa Earley parser
MemchanLocalSourceForgeMemory channels
MirrorCoreChiselTool to mirror collections of source repositories
MustacheCoreChiselMustache Templates
ParseToolsCoreChiselGithubReboot of the parse tools in Tcllib
PiTclLocalTalking to PalmPilot organizers and handling their databases
PoolLocalA personal predecessor to Tcllib, lots of utilities over many areas
PToolsLocalTcl scripts to parse trees. Similar to Scriptics tclparser package
SetOpsLocalSet operations for Tcl. Subsumed by Tcllib
StructCoreChiselGithubReboot of the struct packages in Tcllib.
Tcl-stubsGithubFactored out of critcl. Handling Tcl stubs-tables
Tcl'21 ContestChiselSources for the game contest at 21th Tcl 2014
TrfLocalSourceForgeStacked channels, general transforms
TrfcryptLocalStacked channels, cryptological transforms
UtilitiesCoreA number of semi-general utility scripts, shell and tcl
TclYamlCoreChiselGithubTcl binding to libyaml