All the projects I am involved with, shown below, are related to Tcl/Tk.

This page is generated from a YAML configuration file by a Tcl script using the TclYAML and Mustache packages. The resulting Markdown is then fed through TclSSG with the rest of the site.

Further note that I hoard Tcl things

  1. Contributed To
  2. My Own Projects
  3. More Of My Own Projects, Mostly Not Under Version Control

Contributed To

Name Description
CriTcl C Runtime In Tcl ↗️ GitHub
Expect Controlling interactive terminal applications ↗️ SourceForge
OraTcl Binding to Oracle Databases ↗️ SourceForge
RBC Toolkit Refactored BLT Components. BLT semi-reborn ↗️ SourceForge
Tcl Tcl Core ↗️ Core
TclAppleScript Binding to AppleScript ↗️ SourceForge
TclbitPrint Printing ↗️ SourceForge
Tcllib Tcl Utilities Library ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub (Tcl)
TclPro Scriptics TclPro packages (Compiler, Loader, Parser) ↗️ SourceForge
TclSOAP SOAP Web RPC Support ↗️ SourceForge
TclSSG Static (web)Site Generator ↗️ GitHub (Fork) ↗️ GitHub (Origin)
TclUNO Binding to OpenOffice ↗️ SourceForge
TclVFS Tcl Virtual Filesystems ↗️ SourceForge
TclX Extended Tcl ↗️ SourceForge
TclXML XML parsing & processing ↗️ SourceForge
Tk Tk Widget Toolkit ↗️ Core
TkImg Additional Image Formats for Tk ↗️ SourceForge
Tklib Tk Utilities Library ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub (Tcl)
TkTable Table widget, Tile Tk, Vu widgets ↗️ SourceForge
TkTreeCtrl Tree/Table widget ↗️ SourceForge
TLS Binding to OpenSSL ↗️ SourceForge
TWAPI Binding to Windows APIs ↗️ SourceForge

My Own Projects

Name Description
AKTIVE Andreas Kupries Tcl Image Vector Extension. Not much there. The very beginning of an experiment in C code generation. Build system is Kettle ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
AnKH Andreas Kupries Hashes. Lots of crypto hashes like MD4, SHA-3, etc. Leans heavily on RHash for the implementations. SHA-1 from Tcllib. Based on CriTcl. Build system is Kettle ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Array Array Persistence ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Atom String Interning. See also Path for interning of string sequences ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Backup Repository Backup Tooling ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Blob Blob Persistence ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Bookflow Processing of scanned books ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Change A "Ticket Change" store inspired by fossil's ticket system ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
CM Conference Manager ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Cmdr Command line processing framework (speak: Commander) ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
CRIMP Image Processing without Tk. Based on CriTcl ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Crunch Scripts to iterate over all the commits of fossil repositories. Useful for building, testing, benchmarks, etc. ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
DbUtil sqlite3 database utilities ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
FamFamFam Wrappers around the FamFamFam icon sets ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
FX Fossil eXtended (utilities) ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
health Personal weight and activity tracker ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core
Inotify Incomplete start on a binding to linux inotify ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core
JTools JpegTools - Simple Image Display and Editor ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core
Kettle A build system for pure Tcl and CriTcl packages ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
KineTcl OpenNI (v1) based access to Kinect and similar sensors ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
TclLinenoise Binding to Antirez's linenoise line-editor library ↗️ GitHub
Linenoise Fork of Antirez's linenoise line-editor library ↗️ GitHub
LinenoiseUtils Utility and wrappers for Linenoise ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core
Lspace Slow moving work on a personal digital library application ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core
Marpa (WIP) Binding to Jeffrey Kegler's libmarpa Earley parser ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core
Mirror Tooling to mirror collections of source repositories ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
Mustache Mustache Templates ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core
ParseTools Reboot of the parse tools in Tcllib ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
path Interning string sequences, i.e. paths. See also Atom for interning of individual strings ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core
self To be tooling and data of this site ↗️ Core
Struct Reboot of the struct packages in Tcllib ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub
TclStubs Handling of Tcl stubs-tables, factored out of CriTcl ↗️ GitHub
Tcl'21 Contest Sources for the game contest at 21th Tcl 2014 ↗️ ChiselApp
Utilities A number of semi-general personal utility scripts, shell and Tcl ↗️ Core
TclYAML Binding to libyaml ↗️ ChiselApp ↗️ Core ↗️ GitHub

More Of My Own Projects, Mostly Not Under Version Control

Name Description
AutoDoc Generate documentation from markup in Tcl comments and code Local
comp.lang.tcl archives Archives of news:comp.lang.tcl Local
Fmail Mail filter package and application Local
gIOT General I/O transformation - Subsumed by Trf. Subsumed by Tcl 8.6+ Local
Mail References to various mail processing utilities Local
MakeDist Generate a distribution from sources and spec files Local
Memchan Memory channels Local ↗️ SourceForge
PiTcl Talking to PalmPilot organizers and handling their databases Local
Pool A personal predecessor to Tcllib, lots of utilities over many areas Local
PTools Tcl scripts to parse trees. Similar to Scriptics tclparser package Local
SetOps Set operations for Tcl. Subsumed by Tcllib Local
Trf Stacked channels, general transforms Local ↗️ SourceForge
TrfCrypt Stacked channels, cryptological transforms Local

Hopefully some of these are useful.