Cmdr 1.2 released

Published , updated

Cmdr is A framework for command line parsing and dispatch (Speak: Commander).

Well, this release was long in coming, with the first 'prep' work happening on Nov 4 last year, shortly after the 22nd Annual Tcl/Tk Conference.

Somehow I always seem to fall off the earth after that for a while.

Still, it is done now. Thank you to all users for their patience.


Changes for version 1.2

  1. Many more standard validation type (29): numeric variants, paths and channels, date & time, plus wrappers around Tcllib's valtype package.

  2. Six new utility packages, mostly for various terminal related things (simple user queries, tables, colors, paging).

  3. Extensions to the specification language: global options, complementary aliases for booleans, option labels, and support commands to set up simple interactions between parameters (data transfer, exclusion).

  4. Extended the dispatch, now accepting all unique command prefixes in each level of a hierarchy.

  5. Tweaks to the help, notably support for a standard --help option in all commands of a hierarchy.

  6. General fixes and tweaks.

The full details can be found in the Changes page of the documentation.

Oh, and on the topic of conferences, the 23rd Annual Tcl/Tk Conference is looking for papers. Details at the link.

Happy Tcling.