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Artifact ID: 5e474fd03d9e2e988407539e19334a2ad1bd06fa
Ticket: a4508be8f399b24600d744d9f6725a569093e756
ttk:spinbox arrows are not centered in the entry
User & Date: anonymous 2017-07-13 19:42:40

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    I couldn't find a ticket like mine, but I may have missed it.

    I am using Tk 8.6 on Windows 10 through Tkinter. To be clear I am using the ttk::spinbox. I programmed in the widget myself. The issue is that the spinbox buttons aren't centered within the entry it seems as the top of the up arrow button is cut off. This is not the case in tk::spinbox. Included are picture to illustrate my point. Unfortunately the pictures must be zoomed in quite a ways.

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