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442208915d 2024-04-14 18:35:08 Bug Open 18. [text] text widget breaks graphemes with combining diacritical marks
22349fc78a 2024-04-14 17:12:19 Bug Open 69. Events Incorrect crossing events upon destruction of the pointer window under MS Windows
168f3ef130 2024-04-13 18:51:45 Bug Open 18. [text] Going on words with Ctrl+arrow in text widget
9e1312f32c 2024-04-08 03:47:57 Bug Closed (Fixed) 69. Events Delivery of <Enter> event to master after destruction of slave widget
b7ded5749c 2024-04-05 16:12:21 Bug Open 18. [text] Tk text line breaks Thai words
c2b8a44bb9 2024-03-29 14:44:08 Bug Closed (Fixed) 84. Unix Build compiler warnings about ckfree()
76646bdf6 2024-03-26 08:32:38 Patch Closed (Fixed) 41. Photo Images "photo get" command leaks memory
10705db626 2024-03-22 20:03:52 Bug Closed (Fixed) (unused) Missing spaces in man pages.
fdc0ed342d 2024-03-19 21:58:08 Bug Closed (Fixed) 67. Unix Window Operations Segfault on focus -force with xvfb
4298ba64eb 2024-03-17 19:30:54 Bug Closed (Fixed) 66. Aqua Window Operations MacOSX complains about 0 sized images
8912083dc 2024-03-16 20:08:07 Bug Closed (Fixed) 83. Mac OS X Build Error with property TKNSString.UTF8String
55e742aea6 2024-03-15 22:07:38 Bug Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] In text/entry/spinbox, Ctrl+Right behave different in Windows and Linux
53fdb87e49 2024-03-15 08:55:00 Bug Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] Glyph indexing is still unperfect
47d4f29159 2024-03-15 02:03:21 Bug Closed (Fixed) 69. Events Ignored binding scripts for events with detail field NotifyInferior
4569db13d6 2024-03-13 16:19:21 RFE Open 10. Generic Menus not macOS: force focus on menu when displayed
b1d115fa60 2024-03-09 11:15:56 Bug Closed (Fixed) 69. Events No delivery of <Enter> event upon destruction of toplevel
f2964ba8dd 2024-03-07 20:10:59 Bug Closed (Fixed) 69. Events Delivery of Leave/Enter events to ancestors of a grabbed window
b049d651c 2024-03-07 20:10:33 Bug Closed (Fixed) 69. Events Delivery of <Enter> and <Leave> events inconsistent with window geometry and geometry hierarchy
c23f79ef96 2024-03-03 15:55:36 Bug Open 46. Unix Fonts Xft text is unusable for 32-bit visual when default visual is 24-bit
026e2bb685 2024-02-29 22:08:35 Bug Pending (Fixed) 18. [text] text tag sets bad relief, gets error, but bad relief is saved anyway
cee095ab5a 2024-02-29 22:03:46 Bug Closed (Fixed) 46. Unix Fonts X error handler not uninstalled in tkUnixRFont.c, Tk_MeasureChars
7e7ac7c551 2024-02-23 11:35:08 RFE Open 37. [tk_get*File] tk_getOpenFile and co. creating directory
82d5a93a46 2024-02-16 15:33:04 Patch Closed (Fixed) None 8.6 Documentation/comment typo fixes
57b821d2db 2024-02-08 20:53:54 Bug Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] text index {insert wordstart} fails at 0 and 1 word start positions
c311666f9c 2024-01-31 23:12:09 Bug Closed (Fixed) 10. Generic Menus library/menu.tcl typo
9fa3e08243 2024-01-29 10:53:20 Bug Closed (Fixed) 17. [spinbox] Ctrl-Arrow binding for spinbox: unknown option "-show"
dd35d8b1e2 2024-01-28 20:06:42 Bug Open 18. [text] Assertion failed when resizing the text widget
2a32225cd1 2024-01-28 09:28:47 Bug Closed (Fixed) 07. [entry] Entry widget allows navigating by word in masked password field
8da7af2f8e 2024-01-27 13:50:34 Bug Closed (Fixed) 44. Generic Fonts slow widget creation if default font is not used
7e5f72c9dd 2024-01-27 09:10:25 Bug Closed (Fixed) 86. Test Tools Test script option.test deletes file option.file3 in Tk distribution
319566b7c1 2024-01-26 17:28:28 Bug Closed (None) 85. Win Build Broken Windows build
a512ed6f75 2024-01-25 20:35:35 Support Open 66. Aqua Window Operations macOS Aqua : exception when addTkDirtyRect: calls setNeedsDisplay:YES
e2f740cc64 2024-01-22 08:59:52 Bug Closed (Fixed) 35. [tk_dialog] Open Tk choosers and press Alt+Z
ac07794b8a 2024-01-20 11:05:24 Bug Open 81. Portability CI workflows: use CPPFLAGS rather than CFLAGS where appropriate
b54adf4796 2024-01-20 06:37:38 Bug Open 07. [entry] -validatecommand of ttk::entry returns true, still the entry is invalid
cbf1be5c4d 2024-01-18 07:36:08 Bug Closed (Duplicate) 46. Unix Fonts tk fontchooser for Noto Color Emoji seg faults
e36186af2 2024-01-16 00:14:51 RFE Open 99. Other Tk 9 / 8 compatibility issues
1d926db566 2024-01-14 19:31:01 Bug Open 12. Unix Menus Can't toggle visibility of Tk app main menu with main window maximised
56970b5e7c 2024-01-13 09:03:06 Bug Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] text widget shows O(n^2) image insertion times.
737abf4523 2024-01-12 20:26:08 Bug Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] text widget has terrible performance with image create
b7abf0d817 2024-01-09 22:03:36 Bug Closed (Fixed) 88. Themed Tk ttk::treeview shows O(n^2) destruction time
cb7250f960 2024-01-09 09:56:19 Bug Open 37. [tk_get*File] tk_getOpenFile on macOS crashes with double extensions
a9e637f1c8 2024-01-06 16:43:13 Patch Closed (Fixed) 88. Themed Tk ttk::treeview does not show partial bottom row
3974ad1804 2024-01-04 17:13:28 Bug Closed (Works For Me) 85. Win Build Static Tk build fails on Windows
1ca3c8d9da 2024-01-04 17:07:31 Bug Closed (Fixed) 85. Win Build nmake build with OPTS=static
52df668390 2024-01-03 19:57:10 Bug Closed (Fixed) 46. Unix Fonts Measurement of control characters are wrong after measurement of characters that cannot be displayed by the given font
9814507dcc 2024-01-03 03:25:48 Bug Open (unused) font measure \u4000 crashes on macOS with XQuartz
afda09b594 2023-12-29 19:41:51 Bug Open 13. Win Menus windows crash of trunk
33b02e117a 2023-12-28 16:05:18 Bug Closed (Invalid) 01. Bindings Binding Tab has no effect
fec9e3879d 2023-12-26 17:31:31 Bug Closed (Fixed) 10. Generic Menus Confusion regarding menu indexes "none" and {}
513923 2023-12-26 11:33:34 Bug Closed (Works For Me) 13. Win Menus Tearoff+Cascade invokes wrong command
4a8d97d370 2023-12-26 11:21:50 RFE Closed (Out of Date) 01. Bindings Document & support <MouseWheel> event on unix
bf95ba78d7 2023-12-26 11:19:25 Bug Open 46. Unix Fonts font / tk scaling: documentation
8f92d112b0 2023-12-22 20:28:48 Bug Open 01. Bindings Aqua: custom exit proc is not called when ::tk::mac::Quit is not defined
40af63fa24 2023-12-22 20:00:58 Bug Closed (Fixed) 82. X11 Emulation Aqua: passing None to XMapWindow() should be fatal
9c57421be8 2023-12-22 17:07:00 Bug Closed (Fixed) 16. [scrollbar] -relief strange behavior in scrollbar
af31a84c91 2023-12-20 14:19:10 Bug Open 53. [selection] Replacing selection handler is ineffective.
0de707ab06 2023-12-20 11:17:34 Bug Closed (Fixed) 85. Win Build Problem in tk9 static build under windows
d66e6fabad 2023-12-17 22:54:55 Bug Open 41. Photo Images Complex alpha photo images: red and blue are swapped on Windows
e2cec2fa41 2023-12-16 08:43:48 Bug Closed (Fixed) 38. [tk_messageBox] tk_messageBox, multiple displays, vwait never returns
d498db461a 2023-12-12 14:24:53 Bug Closed (Fixed) 76. Widget Tour omitted -underline option of menubar items
438a0a79d8 2023-12-12 14:24:03 Bug Closed (Fixed) 76. Widget Tour omitted -underline option of ttk::notebook add tab
de3bbbcb68 2023-12-11 03:07:00 Bug Closed (Fixed) 16. [scrollbar] Touchpad events are not handled correctly, with serious artifacts in 8.7
923174 2023-12-10 17:29:31 Bug Open 67. Unix Window Operations Can't catch loss of X server displaying slave toplevel
fde9dc2392 2023-12-10 15:08:14 Bug Open 88. Themed Tk X error BadDrawable when using ttk::style element create with multiple displays
1d8b7124b6 2023-12-09 10:27:55 Patch Closed (Fixed) 41. Photo Images X11: Photo images not drawn correctly for 32-bit visuals
5b49b1de8d 2023-12-07 03:14:56 Bug Open 66. Aqua Window Operations Aqua: window manager tests more likely to fail on macOS 14 Sonoma
fe942372aa 2023-12-03 18:58:19 Patch Closed (Fixed) 82. X11 Emulation Aqua: XPutImage() swaps red and blue channels
10026855b7 2023-12-03 17:50:52 Bug Closed (Out of Date) (unused) Tk App - Buttons unresponsive on macOS 14
31cd33dbf0 2023-12-03 17:05:35 Bug Closed (None) 66. Aqua Window Operations Cocoa Tk widgets do detect invalid -bitmap values
9be830f61b 2023-12-03 16:59:46 Patch Closed (Accepted) 25. Built-in Bitmaps Aqua: prevent crash for unrecognized FourCC bitmap
a54921d8e3 2023-12-03 16:57:09 Patch Closed (Accepted) 25. Built-in Bitmaps Aqua: keep using Apple APIs instead of tkMacOSXFileTypes.h
919066 2023-12-02 07:45:32 Bug Open 41. Photo Images Slow processing irregular transparencies
d96974d99d 2023-12-01 16:09:49 Patch Closed (Fixed) 81. Portability Functions passed to Tcl_EventuallyFree() must be declared/defined as Tcl_FreeProc
5fde07b1d5 2023-12-01 16:06:04 Patch Closed (Fixed) 05. Canvas Items tkCanvas.c: use WORDS_BIGENDIAN
b54a9193f6 2023-12-01 10:17:53 Bug Closed (Fixed) 88. Themed Tk broken HTTPS URL in ttk::style manual page
17972020d0 2023-11-29 20:05:09 Bug Closed (Fixed) 84. Unix Build File `make dist` does not distribute
1de3a48312 2023-11-29 01:10:45 Bug Open 46. Unix Fonts FreeType/Xft do not use [tk scaling] correctly.
220915 2023-11-28 18:07:49 Bug Closed (Fixed) 04. Canvas Basics Canvas Item documentation
900f23c6a8 2023-11-28 18:03:42 Bug Closed (Fixed) 41. Photo Images Potential problem in PNG parser
7048420903 2023-11-26 08:44:08 Bug Open 63. Tk_Win Functions Incorrect reproduction of the Azerbaijani letter "əƏ" in the Enter field.
ffe8ad2f0 2023-11-25 21:44:44 RFE Open 18. [text] Revised text widget: create new boolean tag option '-field'
1548868 2023-11-25 20:57:28 Bug Closed (Works For Me) 44. Generic Fonts Bug in [font actual] doesn't reflect [tk scaling]
3567838 2023-11-25 20:31:26 Bug Closed (Fixed) 12. Unix Menus unixMenu.test noise
52d83f67eb 2023-11-25 20:28:43 Bug Closed (Fixed) 10. Generic Menus TkDestroyMenu(): outdated comment
31c3db0c31 2023-11-25 20:04:11 Bug Closed (Duplicate) 83. Mac OS X Build crash of Tk (trunk) on macOS
9c098a90e6 2023-11-25 18:15:43 Support Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] macOS Aqua : crash in setMarkedText
4be479d085 2023-11-25 09:00:35 Bug Open 46. Unix Fonts tkUnixRFont.c: nothing defines XFT_HAS_FIXED_ROTATED_PLACEMENT
bd2f04eabb 2023-11-25 08:33:15 Bug Closed (Duplicate) 88. Themed Tk Tk crashes when ttk widgets are used on 2 screens
22a4ad2a6e 2023-11-22 14:24:01 Patch Closed (Fixed) 82. X11 Emulation Aqua: let Core Graphics manage pixmap data memory
1875eb82d8 2023-11-22 09:43:49 RFE Open 04. Canvas Basics Tk Canvas : add an option to access ID directly
84b066a8 2023-11-21 07:36:46 Bug Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] crash with text tags operation in revised_text
053afb19b6 2023-11-16 21:45:57 Bug Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] AddressSanitizer: stack-buffer-overflow during text-39.10
61550f38b 2023-11-15 20:03:52 Bug Closed (Fixed) 46. Unix Fonts font actual returns wrong font size with Xft
d95c9c904a 2023-11-14 12:56:57 RFE Open 88. Themed Tk Add support for optional vertical tab text on the east and west edges of a ttk::notebook
eedd2e078d 2023-11-14 10:43:50 Bug Closed (Fixed) 88. Themed Tk ttk::notebook looks bad when tabs are positioned on edges other than the top
593eb0227c 2023-11-10 13:11:35 Patch Closed (Fixed) 85. Win Build X.h: define ControlMask and None as macros, even on Win32
05b06ad0 2023-11-08 21:39:00 Patch Closed (Fixed) 18. [text] TIP 466: Remove tkAlloc.h
7d849b95e9 2023-11-08 16:17:49 Bug Closed (Fixed) 84. Unix Build xft is disabled by default at Github Actions (CI runner)
09a11fb122 2023-11-07 15:19:50 Bug Closed (Fixed) 11. Aqua Menus Aqua: use-after-free if menu destroyed while posted