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Artifact ID: ff9a58e42995692b5d0cf9bb165ace4f1a2a2b731bf69dcbb8a7658ca61d65fd
Ticket: b9725d990bad71033ec286dc01ac0d110c505fc3
::zipfile::mkzip::walk fails with directory names preceded with '-'
User & Date: hromojaro 2019-03-08 20:03:55

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  4. Change comment to:
    zip::walk fails with sub-directories which names start with '-', due to missing '--' in glob expressions.<p>
    Can be reproduced like this: 
    $ mkdir -- -1
    $ ls
    $ tclsh
    % package require Tcl 8.6
    % package require zipfile::mkzip
    % ::zipfile::mkzip::mkzip -directory .
    bad option "-1/*": must be -directory, -join, -nocomplain, -path, -tails, -types, or --
    Please consider applying the attached patch with a fix.<p>
    H├ęctor Romojaro
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  15. Change title to:
    zip::walk fails with directory names preceded with '-'
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