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pki - Ameliorated the impact of the new `overhead` argument to pki::rsa::encrypt (an extension API, used by, for example tclpkcs11). Done by moving the new argument to the end of the list and making it optional. Default is 0, the implied value before the change. Tweaked/simplified setup and using expression. Leaf check-in: 040ca3e0d8 user: aku tags: trunk
pki - Fixed breakage introduced with commit [f804eec616] by pooryorick. This was caught by running the pki testsuite. Explanation of the break: Beyond a bugfix and an API change in an extension interface the commit changed a number of general comparisons (`==`, `!=`) to string comparisons (`eq` and `ne`). In one of these the condition became inverted, i.e. an `==` was wrongly changed to `ne`. The fix here changes it to the proper `eq`. check-in: cbfc6ae41c user: aku tags: trunk
base32 - Split base32c, base32c::hex into separate modules. base64 - Split base64c placeholder into separate module. crc - Split crcc placeholder into separate module. json - Split jsonc into separate module md4 - Split md4c into separate module md5 - Split md5c into separate module md5crypt - Split md5cryptc into separate module rc4 - Split rc4 into separate module base32, json - Bumped to look for the separate accelerator too, not just the shared tcllibc. Bumped version. md5crypt - Attention: For the tcllibc we cannot use the duplicated `md5.c` on pain of getting linker errors for the duplicated symbols. On the other side, that same file is required when installing md5cryptc as its own package to be compiled on the fly when used. To handle both cases the relevant code is disabled by default and fixed up during installation, see action `_md5`. The C accelerator packages are now installed separately from the Tcl code. Headers and C sources included. Should be possible to package require this, invoking critcl compilation on the fly. Leaf check-in: a84629e424 user: aku tags: sha-c-split
sha1 sha1c, sha256c - <EF> Split SHA C code off the base module. The C accelerator packages are now installed separately from the Tcl code. Headers and C sources included. Should be possible to package require this, invoking critcl compilation on the fly. check-in: 03bf740f53 user: aku tags: sha-c-split
new routine: zip/decode/filelocations check-in: cc62d1c92a user: pooryorick tags: trunk
add a public interface to the sha256c and install requisite .c and .h files for use at runtime. check-in: 555e0de12d user: pooryorick tags: trunk
pki: insert missing "break" into padding routine. Add "overhead" argument to encryption routine. check-in: f804eec616 user: pooryorick tags: trunk
dns - ipMore - <I> Bumped ip to 1.5, ipMorec to 1.1. Removed the code skipping Windows/SunOS 5.6. It is not explained why it is needed, and why only for the specific platforms. This means that the accelerator code does not contain a compile-time build system choice any longer. If the disabling is truly required then compile-detection can be added back, plus any necessary signaling to the Tcl side and runtime. Further, moved the command definitions out of the namespace eval, and added the namespacing back in through the command names itself. Reduces indentation and looks generally nicer. Lastly, fixed the issues in the test suite which prevented it from properly testing the C parts even when available. Leaf check-in: 0ee7b2a1bd user: aku tags: critcl-dns-ip
pt, struct - <I> accelerator code - Fixed all the warnings reported on Linux (gcc 5.4). A few tests looking at sources updated to match. No functional changes. check-in: 4bc853f186 user: aku tags: trunk
Fixed missing include. Leaf check-in: 7444b7b817 user: aku tags: cutil-endianess
Trial new cutil endianess support. See for underlying supporting code. check-in: c85ee8cb40 user: aku tags: cutil-endianess
mime - I, Bump to 1.6.3. Renamed a few placeholder arguments in the md5, etc. emulations. Triggered for `--` to avoid clash with a variant definition of `proc` (at FlightAware) which gives `--` special syntactic meaning in support of named parameter handling. The new name also makes it clear that these arguments are not used. No functional changes. Doc refresh. check-in: 62c7dba89c user: aku tags: trunk
Restored feature extensions lost in the trunk shuffle. Thanks to avl for reporting the problem. Attention: Both ldap and ldapx now require Tcl 8.5+ ldap/ldapx <EF> Tkt [60160205fe] Extensions to the TLS handling of ldap(x) enabling the specification of all TLS options instead of the limited set we had before. Original branch: ldap-60160205fe-tls Bump to versions 1.2, 1.10. Doc refresh. check-in: 92cf59a4ac user: aku tags: trunk
md5, md5x - I, Bump to 1.4.5, 2.0.8 Fixed inadvertent use of global variables by various pieces of package initialization code. Moved the variables into the package namespace. Doc refresh. check-in: 0d87263bbe user: aku tags: trunk
clock - D - Documented the ISO 8601 formats understood by the time and date parsers. - Fixed a few typos. check-in: 7d0f0c6b1b user: aku tags: trunk
Solve issue - correct implementation of the totient function check-in: 7554ccd073 user: arjenmarkus tags: trunk
Clean up Fossil commit warnings (fossil test-commit-warning) by removing carriage returns, switching to UTF-8 where appropriate, and whitelisting particular files. Note: Fossil fails to honor binary-glob for files that it doesn't think are binaries in the first place due to not containing NUL bytes, so these cases are listed in both binary-glob and encoding-glob. check-in: 7529457152 user: andy tags: trunk
resolve some merge conflicts Leaf check-in: e3475de993 user: pooryorick tags: pooryorick
Followup: crc - crc16 - Fixed calculation of signbit. crc16 contained the same problematic signbit code we saw in crc32. The same change has been applied. crc16 version bumped to 1.1.4 check-in: 95af8220a8 user: aku tags: trunk
crc - crc32 - Fixed calculation of signbit. The existing code relied on having the `int()` result limited to system word size. Starting with Tcl 8.7 this is not true any longer (See [TIP 514]( Added code to use `tcl_platform(wordSize)` as source to derive the signbit from. Kept the existing code for old versions of the core without `tcl_platform(wordSize)`. For these `int()` will be limited as expected, thus no trouble. This was reported indirectly to us through crc32 version bumped to 1.3.3 check-in: 7737acdb11 user: aku tags: trunk
Closing fork check-in: b9b9ff9c74 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
Merging changes from Trunk Leaf check-in: 4f943a9660 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Bumping the version on Markdown check-in: a4c2f4227c user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
Applying bug fix to the Markdown package per ticket [ab0fdf9aead96e7a58d2c7330274a7250e2f8764] check-in: 177191e32e user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
Add simple procedures to return the Euler and Bernoulli numbers. The numbers themselves are stored in two look-up lists. check-in: 883969dee1 user: arjenmarkus tags: trunk
Added a coroutine guard for file locking in nettool check-in: 9b67fcc749 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Added an API call to set the sync file in nettool check-in: faca2007b6 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Nettool: Added an instruction for data to be ignored after a week, and provided a mechanism for a process to release all ports it claimed check-in: 441a5da4ea user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
New version of nettool which allows for a central text-based pool of tcp ports check-in: ed69e9893c user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Added a binary encode to the uuid's random string generator to avoid embedded nulls terminating strings prematurely check-in: 08ccfd657e user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Tkt [0e16703e411f4c9f] Updated current release on home page check-in: b0d89885fb user: aku tags: trunk
Updated registered service ports database. Added a manual entry for slingboxes (which IRM tends to trip over) check-in: 89224bbaf7 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Tcllib Release 1.20 - Updated various meta data. - Removed 2 dropped packages from installer. check-in: c9931ec3e9 user: aku tags: trunk, tcllib-1-20
Tcllib Release 1.20 work integrated with trunk. Release imminent. check-in: 678001e94f user: aku tags: trunk
Brought RC into sync with trunk. Updated READMEs to match work on - blowfish - dns - httpd - markdown - profiler - struct::matrix - tcl::chan::halfpipe Closed-Leaf check-in: a198fe68f5 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-20-rc
Integrated blowfish work. Updated local documentation. check-in: c230d5a347 user: aku tags: trunk
blowfish - blowfish - B - Tkt [d56da1abca] Extended testsuite: Added channel-based (-in) test cases where appropriate. Fixed error handling for channel processing, swallowed the error message, and state. Closed-Leaf check-in: 69558ad9d0 user: andreask tags: tkt-d56da1abca
blowfish - blowfish - B - Tkt [d56da1abca] Version bumped to 1.0.5 (*). Updated documentation. Tweaked `Chunk` patch slightly (Early return for empty data). TODO: Add tests (padding, no padding). (*) Missed in patch for code, package index, docs. check-in: ad21f4eab3 user: andreask tags: tkt-d56da1abca
Merge amg-argparse Leaf check-in: b8b70870c9 user: andy tags: amg-argparse-validation
Merge trunk Leaf check-in: e7b61937e1 user: andy tags: amg-pipeline
Merge trunk Leaf check-in: eccc25a0c4 user: andy tags: amg-argparse
1. Integrated markdown work. Updated local documentation. 2. Reworked the collection and post processing of per-test(suite) timings added in commit [6b2f59f4e4] for faster sorting. Further fixed an issue with the collection of the per-test timings in the face of variable-field data. 3. Switching the 8.6 series from 8.6.9 to 8.6.10 for testing caused failures (hook, string::token::shell) due to changes in command name reporting (FQN in a few places where plain names were reported before). This actually looks to be a bug fix, restoring 8.5 behaviour. These testsuite issues were fixed by extending the test code used to select the expected result by core version. Added a new test utility command `byConstraint` to help with that, allowing for easy multi-way selection. check-in: b99647b031 user: aku tags: trunk
Extended the sak test runner to collect and save per-test timing information (u-seconds). WIBNI for tcltest: Collect data separately for setup/body/cleanup scripts. check-in: 6b2f59f4e4 user: andreask tags: trunk
markdown - markdown - B - Tkt [52dfecac69] Tweaked rendering of code blocks. Extended testsuite. Version bumped to 1.1.1. Closed-Leaf check-in: d028774388 user: aku tags: tkt-52dfecac69
Integrated into trunk, fixes for tickets - [3f48fd6ea2] profiler - [387862f771] halfpipe Wrt halfpipe/fifo2 added fix to destruction sequence avoiding attempt at double destruction of the fifo2 coordinator. Extended testsuite. check-in: 03e0aa89a4 user: aku tags: trunk
virtchannel_base - halfpipe - B - Tkt [387862f771]. Fixed index miscalculation when shifting receive buffer over to read operation. Added package internal docs explaining the need for the double buffer system, and how it works. Extended testsuite (fifo2 as user of halfpipe). Bumped version to 1.0.1 Closed-Leaf check-in: 368acadaf0 user: andreask tags: tkt-387862f771
profiler - profiler - EF, D, T - Tkt [3f48fd6ea2] Disentangled control of 'paused' (for initial profiling state of new procedures) from control for 'enabled' (current state). Was mixed in 'suspend' / 'resume'. Added new commands 'new-disabled', and 'new-enabled'. Extended testsuite. Documented new commands. Bumped to version 0.5. Closed-Leaf check-in: c96115667f user: andreask tags: tkt-3f48fd6ea2
mime - smtp - ? - Tkt [e599462c22]. Recorded proposed fix/patch, test script, and stderr logs for test execution before and after patch application. Substantially identical, and both ending in Tcl error trace. I am unclear if there is an error, and if the change is a fix. Leaf check-in: a6f697a7e8 user: andreask tags: tkt-e599462c22
Integrated into trunk, fixes for tickets - [8168daf796]: IPv6 reverse lookup - [e6bdd934eb]: format 2chan, missing channel. - [e6bdd934eb]]: hypnotoad pull. check-in: 620ac0d5eb user: aku tags: trunk
Pull hypnotoad commit for merge. Closed-Leaf check-in: 4a59016850 user: aku tags: tkt-549f9808d2