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error building crc32 tcllibc code on Win
User & Date: anonymous 2019-12-24 21:49:16

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    I tried building the tcllibc library for Windows:

    Windows 10 Latest MinGW release using GCC 8.1.0 installed today Tcllib release 1.20 downloaded today Windows critcl.exe downloaded from AK's site today

    The following was echoed to the terminal screen:

    D:\critcl\tcllib-1.20>D:\tcltk86-8.6.8-5.tcl86.Win7.x86_64\bin\tclsh.exe sak.tcl critcl ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Building critcl components. Note: you can ignore warnings for tcllibc.tcl, base64c.tcl and crcc.tcl. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ D:/critcl/critcl.exe -cache D:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/.critcl -force -libdir ./modules -pkg tcllibc ./modules/tcllibc.tcl ./modules/md4/md4c.tcl ./modules/struct/graph_c.tcl ./modules/base32/base32_c.tcl ./modules/struct/sets_c.tcl ./modules/json/jsonc.tcl ./modules/pt/pt_rdengine_c.tcl ./modules/pt/pt_parse_peg_c.tcl ./modules/uuid/uuid.tcl ./modules/struct/tree_c.tcl ./modules/base32/base32hex_c.tcl ./modules/base64/base64c.tcl ./modules/base64/uuencode.tcl ./modules/base64/yencode.tcl ./modules/sha1/sha1c.tcl ./modules/md5/md5c.tcl ./modules/crc/crcc.tcl ./modules/crc/sum.tcl ./modules/crc/crc32.tcl ./modules/md5crypt/md5cryptc.tcl ./modules/struct/queue_c.tcl ./modules/rc4/rc4c.tcl ./modules/sha1/sha256c.tcl ./modules/struct/stack_c.tcl ./modules/dns/ipMoreC.tcl Config: win32-ix86-gcc Build: win32-ix86-gcc Target: win32-ix86 Source: tcllibc.tcl (provide tcllibc 0.3.15)md4c.tcl (provide md4c 1.1.0)graph_c.tcl (provide struct_graphc 2.4.3) (require Tcl 8.2)base32_c.tcl (provide ) (require Tcl 8.4)sets_c.tcl (provide struct_setc 2.1.1) (require Tcl 8.4)jsonc.tcl (provide jsonc 1.1.2) (require Tcl 8.4)pt_rdengine_c.tcl (provide pt::rde::critcl 1.3.4) (require Tcl 8.4)pt_parse_peg_c.tcl (provide pt_parse_peg_c 1.0.1) (require Tcl 8.4)uuid.tcl (provide uuid 1.0.7) (require Tcl 8.5md5 2)tree_c.tcl (provide struct_treec 2.1.1) (require Tcl 8.2)base32hex_c.tcl (provide ) (require Tcl 8.4)base64c.tcl (provide base64c 0.1.0)uuencode.tcl (provide uuencode 1.1.5) (require Tcl 8.2)yencode.tcl (provide crc32 1.3.2) (require Tcl 8.2) (provide yencode 1.1.3) (require Tcl 8.2)sha1c.tcl (provide sha1c 2.0.3)md5c.tcl (provide md5c 0.12)crcc.tcl (provide )sum.tcl (provide sum 1.1.2) (require Tcl 8.2)crc32.tcl (FAILED) md5cryptc.tcl (provide md5cryptc 1.0)queue_c.tcl (provide struct_queuec 1.3.1) (require Tcl 8.4)rc4c.tcl (provide rc4c 1.1.0)sha256c.tcl (provide sha256c 1.0.2)stack_c.tcl (provide struct_stackc 1.3.1) (require Tcl 8.4)ipMoreC.tcl (provide ipMorec 1.0)Compilation forced Files left in D:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/.critcl FAILURES 1 FAILED: ./modules/crc/crc32.tcl FAILED FAILED Tue Dec 24 15:16:05 CST 2019 - D:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/modules/crc/crc32.tcl FAILED FAILED gcc FAILED -c FAILED -fPIC FAILED -DUSE_THREAD_ALLOC=1 FAILED -D_REENTRANT=1 FAILED -D_THREAD_SAFE=1 FAILED -DHAVE_PTHREAD_ATTR_SETSTACKSIZE=1 FAILED -DHAVE_READDIR_R=1 FAILED -DTCL_THREADS=1 FAILED -DUSE_TCL_STUBS FAILED -ID:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/.critcl/tcl8.4 FAILED -ID:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/.critcl FAILED -o FAILED D:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/.critcl/v307_7eeb435b69d6726865877fc4e0da33e9_pic.o FAILED D:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/.critcl/v307_7eeb435b69d6726865877fc4e0da33e9.c FAILED -O2 FAILED -DNDEBUG FAILED FAILED crc32.tcl:252:12: error: redefinition of 'tcl__crc_Crc32_c' FAILED D:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/.critcl/v307_7eeb435b69d6726865877fc4e0da33e9.c:11:12: note: previous definition of 'tcl__crc_Crc32_c' was here FAILED static int tcl__crc_Crc32_c(ClientData dummy, Tcl_Interp *interp, int objc, Tcl_Obj *CONST objv[]) FAILED ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FAILED ERROR while compiling code in D:/critcl/tcllib-1.20/modules/crc/crc32.tcl: FAILED child process exited abnormally FAILED

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