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Comment:Added missing space
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SHA1: 51693900268b7da6818385da4997603b97e08749
User & Date: fvogel 2016-07-31 13:58:08
End of fix for [5660d11c3f] - text tag -background option overrules -lmargincolor - DOcumentation update check-in: d97ca2db user: fvogel tags: core-8-6-branch
Added missing space Closed-Leaf check-in: 51693900 user: fvogel tags: tip-443, bug-5660d11c3f
Clarified documentation about precedence of color specifications: -[lr]margincolor tag option > -background tag option > -background widget option check-in: 9dbcde85 user: fvogel tags: tip-443, bug-5660d11c3f
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Changes to doc/text.n.

   487    487   second and later display lines for a text line.
   488    488   .TP
   489    489   \fB\-lmargincolor \fIcolor\fR
   490    490   .
   491    491   \fIColor\fR specifies the background color to use in regions that do not
   492    492   contain characters because they are indented by \fB\-lmargin1\fR or
   493    493   \fB\-lmargin2\fR. It may have any of the forms accepted by
   494         -\fBTk_GetColor\fR.If \fIcolor\fR has not been specified, or if it is
          494  +\fBTk_GetColor\fR. If \fIcolor\fR has not been specified, or if it is
   495    495   specified as an empty string, then the color used is specified by the
   496    496   \fB-background\fR tag option (or, if this is also unspecified, by the
   497    497   \fB-background\fR widget option).
   498    498   .TP
   499    499   \fB\-offset \fIpixels\fR
   500    500   .
   501    501   \fIPixels\fR specifies an amount by which the text's baseline should be offset