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EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA
Ticket UUID: 863271
Title: Patch implements TIP #110 in 8.5
Type: Patch Version: TIP Implementation
Submitter: bgriffin Created on: 2003-12-20 00:41:07
Subsystem: 03. [*button] and [label] Assigned To: hobbs
Priority: 8 Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2004-02-18 07:44:17
Resolution: Accepted Closed By: hobbs
    Closed on: 2004-02-18 00:44:17
The attached files implement the feature described in TIP 
#110.  All but the -triimage option have been implemented.

Since this TIP is still in draft, this implementation is subject 
to change.
User Comments: hobbs added on 2004-02-18 07:44:17:
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commited to 8.5a1

bgriffin added on 2004-02-15 11:20:02:

File Added - 76740: tip110_final.tar.gz

bgriffin added on 2004-02-15 11:20:01:
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I've completed the implementation of TIP #110, including the 
-tristateimage option.

The attached file (tip110_final.tar.gz) replaces the previous patch and 
also contains updated man pages for checkbutton and radiobutton and an 
updated button.test.


dkf added on 2004-02-13 04:14:07:
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TIP Approved.
Please attach your updated patch to this tracker item,
Brian.  Thanks!

bgriffin added on 2003-12-20 07:43:22:

File Added - 71083: tristate.tar.gz