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Ticket UUID: 601518
Title: Fix the two-second raise delay
Type: Patch Version: None
Submitter: jenglish Created on: 2002-08-28 20:16:24
Subsystem: 67. Unix Window Operations Assigned To: jenglish
Priority: 8 Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2007-01-15 06:25:00
Resolution: Accepted Closed By: jenglish
    Closed on: 2002-09-03 20:01:49
The attached patch fixes the longstanding two second
"raise delay" seen under certain window managers, by
making [raise] and [lower] asynchronous.

A forthcoming TIP describes the changes in detail; for
now see
User Comments: jenglish added on 2002-09-04 03:01:49:

File Added - 30376: raise-delay-8-3-4.patch

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Backported the patch to 8.3.4-cvs (tkUnixWm.c revision
NB: not thoroughly tested.

jenglish added on 2002-09-04 02:49:31:
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For the benefit of older Tcl/Tk releases, trying to get this
fixed in the WMs too.

KWIN (KDE's window manager):
<URL: >

Metacity (Default WM in Gnome 2):
<URL: >

hobbs added on 2002-09-03 04:22:33:
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added to 8.4.0.  It can be applied to 8.3.4-cvs if Joe wants
to adapt the patch for that as well.

dkf added on 2002-08-29 17:46:07:
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jenglish added on 2002-08-29 03:39:38:
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Tested on:
    4DWM (Irix)
    CDE (AIX)
    Gnome/Sawfish (Debian)
    Gnome/Enlightenment 0.16.5 (Debian)
    KDE/kwin 2.2 (Debian)

The patched wm.test passes under all platforms
except for CDE, which now intermittently fails 2-3
wm-stackorder tests.

unixWm.test has numerous geometry-related failures
under KDE/kwin; no new failures.  Under 4DWM and CDE,
there are two preexisting failures, but no new ones. 
One preexisting failure under Gnome/Sawfish, no new ones.
Seven preexisting failures under Gnome/Enlightenment, no new

jenglish added on 2002-08-29 03:16:24:

File Added - 29991: raise-delay.patch