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EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA
Ticket UUID: 1602955
Title: Forthcoming TIP on [font actual]
Type: Patch Version: TIP Implementation
Submitter: kennykb Created on: 2006-11-26 01:03:09
Subsystem: 44. Generic Fonts Assigned To: hobbs
Priority: 5 Medium Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2006-12-02 03:14:27
Resolution: Accepted Closed By: kennykb
    Closed on: 2006-12-01 20:14:27
The attached patch is a reference implementation for a TIP that I am submitting on [font actual], adding
a character argument and returning the font used
to render that character, rather than the base font.
User Comments: cc_benny added on 2006-11-27 02:09:33:
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Originator: NO

Hi Kevin,

Your code punts in the Mac OS X code.  I think we should be able to
use ATSUMatchFontsToText here.


kennykb added on 2006-11-26 08:03:09:

File Added - 204433: font.patch