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16:50 Closed ticket [e9d042e4]: text edit undo/redo inop plus 7 other changes artifact: 12667ca3 user: tdc7675
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Ticket UUID: e9d042e4f219d006e8d3b0fd7ef51827aeb0ab3c
Title: text edit undo/redo inop
Type: Bug Version: 8.6.7
Submitter: tdc7675 Created on: 2017-08-12 07:44:01
Subsystem: 18. [text] Assigned To: nobody
Priority: 5 Medium Severity: Important
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2017-08-12 16:50:01
Resolution: Invalid Closed By: tdc7675
    Closed on: 2017-08-12 16:50:01
Text edit undo/redo do not do anything in Tk 8.6.7, though they work fine in 8.6.6.  One test is to fire up Tkcon and press Ctrl+Z to see whether or not the terminal gets wiped.
User Comments: tdc7675 (claiming to be Andy Goth) added on 2017-08-12 16:50:01:

Test program:

package require Tk
text .t
.t insert 1.0 bad
.t edit undo
puts [.t get 1.0 end]

Bisect revealed the problem to be [c8256e859a]: "Made text widget's default undo false again." That explains it completely. I was unknowingly relying on an incorrect default.