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Tk 8.6: prevent issues when encountering non-BMP Unicode characters
User & Date: marc_culler 2020-05-23 19:09:56

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    I have written a prototype implementation of glyph-based indexing. It is in a branch off of 8.7 called glyph_indexing.

    It adds only a small amount of code to tkEntry.c and 400 lines of reusable code in tkMacOSXFont.c (half of which are comments) that implement a TextManager object. (Well, this is C, so it is similar to an object.) The TextManager leverages the NSMutableString class to handle the work of finding grapheme clusters in a unicode string. The interface to the TextManager is specified by C declarations in tkInt.h. There is a conditional compilation switch USE_GLYPH_INDEXING which a platform can use to say whether it provides an implementation of TextManager.

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