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Artifact ID: b49a8c3d61da3a81c2b152b3ce7c2297996ff0563309db52ab7f6aa4823a5adf
Ticket: c92cee4740d33ccfd3f45e06cebab0bd83a9ad45
Deselect radiobutton
User & Date: anonymous 2018-09-15 15:39:45

  1. Change assignee to "nobody"
  2. Change closer to "nobody"
  3. Change cmimetype to "text/plain"
  4. Change comment to:

    frame .t pack .t set reptype 0 radiobutton .t.r1 -text "1" -variable reptyp -value 1 radiobutton .t.r2 -text "2" -variable reptyp -value 2 radiobutton .t.r3 -text "3" -variable reptyp -value 3 radiobutton .t.r4 -text "4" -variable reptyp -value 4 radiobutton .t.r5 -text "5" -variable reptyp -value 5 radiobutton .t.r6 -text "6" -variable reptyp -value 6

    bind .t.r1 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r2 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r3 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r4 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r5 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r6 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp}

    grid .t.r1 grid .t.r2 grid .t.r3 grid .t.r4 grid .t.r5 grid .t.r6

    proc Chk_Alone {args} { global reptyp

    #tk_messageBox -message "unselected" after idle [list .t.r$args deselect ] }

    #is a short exemple deselect not work, work only if tk_message is not a comment

  5. Change foundin to "8.6"
  6. Change is_private to "0"
  7. Change login to "anonymous"
  8. Change priority to "5 Medium"
  9. Change private_contact to "457c266b943d7680e10f513f5b080f807997a9aa"
  10. Change resolution to "None"
  11. Change severity to "Minor"
  12. Change status to "Open"
  13. Change submitter to "anonymous"
  14. Change subsystem to "03. [*button] and [label]"
  15. Change title to "Deselect radiobutton"
  16. Change type to "Bug"