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Artifact ID: 995296b7054b7e9083229afa5c3317f3f0f3a7b7acff0effb9a3d24b4c1259f0
Ticket: f9116b31ac33bb852fc05a96a5f968a09b818ed3
Deselect radiobutton
User & Date: anonymous 2018-09-16 09:03:49

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    Bll submit : deselect is not supported ? But deselect is in current doc 8.6 Furthermore the soluce proposed not work set reptyp 0, the only soluce work is to activate tk_messageBox. This code is one example my code is very long to submit here.


    Code :

    frame .t pack .t set reptype 0 radiobutton .t.r1 -text "1" -variable reptyp -value 1 radiobutton .t.r2 -text "2" -variable reptyp -value 2 radiobutton .t.r3 -text "3" -variable reptyp -value 3 radiobutton .t.r4 -text "4" -variable reptyp -value 4 radiobutton .t.r5 -text "5" -variable reptyp -value 5 radiobutton .t.r6 -text "6" -variable reptyp -value 6

    bind .t.r1 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r2 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r3 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r4 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r5 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp} bind .t.r6 <Double-1> {Chk_Alone $reptyp}

    grid .t.r1 grid .t.r2 grid .t.r3 grid .t.r4 grid .t.r5 grid .t.r6

    proc Chk_Alone {args} { global reptyp

    #tk_messageBox -message "unselected" after idle [list .t.r$args deselect] set reptyp 0 }

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