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Artifact ID: 93bed77ffdc633c25128ba2d021d118c43c665137607c6a70c4ae81d6b951fe2
Ticket: 609e0045f502127ce2fe33cc54c78ca054099bf1
MouseWheel binding for canvas on MacOS provides wrong values for %x %y
User & Date: fvogel 2019-03-14 21:03:54

  1. Change assignee to "marc_culler"
  2. Change closedate to "2458557.377712"
  3. Change closer to "fvogel"
  4. Change icomment to "Merged into core-8-6-branch and trunk."
  5. Change login to "fvogel"
  6. Change mimetype to "text/plain"
  7. Change resolution to "Fixed"
  8. Change status to "Closed"
  9. Change subsystem to "66. Aqua Window Operations"