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pinch to zoom toplevel
User & Date: marc_culler 2019-12-04 12:28:41

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    A ttk::button -style Toolbutton (which has existed for a long time) can have arbitrary width and height. A plain ttk::button, which is realized as a macOS Push Button, can have arbitrary width but fixed height. (Actually the height of the ttk::button does increase, but the white rounded rectangle is always drawn with the same height, vertically centered in the bounding box of the ttk::button.)

    In the mac_styles branch there is a -style GradientButton which can have arbitrary width and height, and the same is true of -style ImageButton.

    This sort of thing is a job for the programmer, and the Tk geometry managers provide lots of tools to allow the programmer to do it easily. Tk does not know enough about what the programmer is trying to do for any one-size-fits-all automated scheme to work. Possibly there could be a magnification operation which changes the pixel size per window. But I think that should be handled by the window manager, not by Tk.

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