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Artifact ID: 495b45346179b3e5bc14e0d5fcb82cd9e5aa5c8194bace826abc22934ec9942d
Ticket: 6e8afe516df85f6213f436ef7c2fab2ec2d11c76
Severe bugs in binding (tkBind.c)
User & Date: gcramer 2019-01-13 10:43:54

  1. Change icomment to:

    I've checked in [ec38f729fa]:

    1. Return type of Tk_CreateBinding changed to 'Mask', because the return value is am event mask. This change is binary compatible, because 'Mask' is an alias for 'unsigned long' (old return type).

    2. Issue with homogeneous equal sequences fixed, see this script:

    bind . <1><Control-1> { lappend x "first" }
    bind . <Control-1><1> { lappend x "last" }
    event generate . <Control-1>
    event generate . <Control-1>
    set x

    This script should return "last" due to manual. Legacy implementation is failing this test case. See new test cases bind-33.12 and bind-33.13.

    I'm about to finish the TIP, will come soon.

    Please do a test under Windows.

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