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Artifact ID: 42a84d0468ef8ea3d48cc3dd483eb30e264ae7e0bd4d7543b5a4adfe4c31b137
Ticket: 06f3922f8b89d455d589544d1008e6d8f48c6f49
High CPU usage
User & Date: nab 2019-04-17 03:53:20

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    Hi marc, thank you very much for looking into that :) for the mouse craziness it's a lot better !! before your commit, scrolling a canvas text item leads to 100%, now it's at 30%. bravo...

    It looks like there's now more subtle needs to [update] to trigger stuff... for example I have a canvas that displays several items (text and rectangle), I have a 'config' button that update what needs to be display in the canvas and with this commit, canvas is not always graphically updated until I move the mouse .

    also I've posted these spindump (from Activity Monitor), first one is from Tk compiled as a framework, second one from Tk is linked against X11. for the same operation TK is rising 100% when compiled as framework, 5% when linked against X11

    hope this helps best regards, Nicolas

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