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Ticket: c9887a1fc9bbf2712f1f8eed6bf57178521722b8
Trailing zeros on scale widget ticks
User & Date: jal_frezie 2019-02-13 12:13:19

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    I think I am gradually catching on to the implications of this. All my scales are vertical, but if you have a horizontal scale then the tick values line up in a neat column next to the current value. I can see why they should all have the same number of digits, as should all the possible current values. However I don't see that the tick values should have the same number of digits as the current value if that means they all have trailing zeros, so I would suggest calculating separate format strings for the ticks vs the current value. I would want this to be the default behaviour. Would that require a TIP? If not, I shall have a look at implementing it myself.

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