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Tk 8.7 for Windows

Originally by Scott Stanton while at Sun Microsystems Labs

This is the directory where you configure and compile the Windows
version of Tk.  This directory also contains source files for Tk
that are specific to Microsoft Windows.  The rest of this file
contains information specific to the Windows version of Tk.

Please see the README and win/README files that come with the
associated Tcl release for an extensive set of pointers to
documentation.  You will need to obtain and compile the
Tcl release before using the Tk source distrition.

If you install the Tk sources next to the Tcl sources, then
the Tk Makefiles (e.g., for VC++) will properly
locate the necessary Tcl files.  Otherwise you may need to
edit and adjust the path to Tcl accordingly.

Information about compiling for windows is maintained at: