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Comment:Code and data type cleanup, thanks to Marc Culler for patch
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SHA3-256: a7e34ff9cec93f6354d6de80aa0c9d674a2c2d3ffb12fbf4920a605801239a9a
User & Date: kevin_walzer 2019-05-17 03:13:34
Finally got timing of initializing NSServices object correct; code cleanup; merge in 8.6 to pick up changes in Tk initialization code check-in: f126b00e user: kevin_walzer tags: mac_services
Code and data type cleanup, thanks to Marc Culler for patch check-in: a7e34ff9 user: kevin_walzer tags: mac_services
Restore deprecated call to NSPasteboardTypeString in writeSelectiontoPasteboard because it breaks sending data to the services menu. Data type must be identical in this call and in the NSSendTypes key in info.plist; we cannot do a clever mapping here of the old type to a new one because the info.plist does not have this kind of conditional reading on different versions of macOS. We will have to live with the deprecated call until it is obsolete/removed altogether by Apple. check-in: 42577ce4 user: kevin_walzer tags: mac_services
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