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Artifact ID: dedebbc6eef381d42a5530dfbf1b209a11243a75409a531b92afd66626668b1a
Ticket: 6fbee3208ebdd73ea2f50a8ed1d0c03545ce3261
xs:element type and xmlns
User & Date: chw 2018-09-21 06:25:52

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  2. Change comment to:

    In order to deal with a WSDL and XSDs which had an unusual layout of xmlns attributes as outlined in this example

    ... <xs:element name="A_O_S" type="x1:ArrayOfSomething" xmlns:x1="http://foo.org/bar" /> ...

    i.e. the xmlns stuff not in the <xs:schema> node I had to add some handling in WS::Utils::getQualifiedType to get that WSDL parsed proper. I'm not sure if this the right way, however, it solved my problem. Please review and comment.

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