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Merged in work for TclTLS 1.7 to trunk check-in: 0409513536 user: rkeene tags: trunk
TclTLS 1.7.2 check-in: 91466b9a3c user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7, tls-1-7-2
Corrected logic bug with setting RPATH in the opposite case check-in: 4c474ca32b user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7
Updated to default to not setting the RPATH if we are linking statically to the SSL library check-in: 9f920bf04f user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7
Create new branch named "tcltls-2" check-in: ae164b967d user: rkeene tags: tls-1-7
Merged in several outstanding patches check-in: 6aedc8c1b5 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Applied patch Closed-Leaf check-in: 4ec3fe7449 user: rkeene tags: rkeene-eoffix
Applied patch Closed-Leaf check-in: db95f55e95 user: rkeene tags: rkeene-unthreaded
Applied patch Closed-Leaf check-in: a141858eec user: rkeene tags: rkeene-fixcrosscompile
Applied patch Closed-Leaf check-in: 0c7fd93cac user: rkeene tags: rkeene-peercertificate
Updated with dhparam.2.patch for tls ticket #59. check-in: 2aadaa4c28 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk

Added .fossil-settings/ignore-glob version [d49fd474ca].

Added HEADER version [786e922403].

Modified from [de778baab4] to [f7161ac135].    [diff]

Modified README.txt from [a2f4c7f22f] to [98035f2af2].    [diff]

Deleted aclocal.m4 version [9e0a6d21b1].

Added aclocal/shobj.m4 version [df168ca7e7].

Added aclocal/tcl.m4 version [f30bc6b766].

Added aclocal/tcltls_openssl.m4 version [cc1042cb72].

Added aclocal/versionscript.m4 version [b9d44e1a68].

Added version [927c73a64e].

Added build/ version [cbbf41f89e].

Added build/ version [b845836733].

Added build/ version [a8f310fb41].

Deleted configure version [c1aa70d493].

Modified from [8e59f65b56] to [51abeb4519].    [diff]

Deleted fixstrtod.c version [097c39a2a6].

Added gen_dh_params version [121b16da7e].

Added version [d64d5caca7].

Modified tclOpts.h from [4e3c2a8397] to [aff9aa3b9c].    [diff]

Deleted tclconfig/README.txt version [180f4215d5].

Deleted tclconfig/install-sh version [b087e5c4b9].

Deleted tclconfig/tcl.m4 version [1cb6792ef2].

Modified tests/all.tcl from [0cb48d72f1] to [a5976d4aa4].    [diff]

Modified tests/ciphers.test from [775a49336b] to [9bef3a5541].    [diff]

Modified tests/keytest1.tcl from [d7e22b5f32] to [897f9f74ad].    [diff]

Modified tests/keytest2.tcl from [24f9bfe9d5] to [9ae291a22a].    [diff]

Modified tests/oldTests/tls.tcl from [d3ab0f3fc4] to [3ec4a78d72].    [diff]

Modified tests/oldTests/tlsAuto.tcl from [af559bc2dc] to [c6f69ae9dc].    [diff]

Modified tests/oldTests/tlsBlocking.tcl from [10a9ce36e6] to [272e10e79e].    [diff]

Modified tests/oldTests/tlsCiphers.tcl from [015cebb2a4] to [fc1b7f572b].    [diff]

Modified tests/oldTests/tlsHttp.tcl from [a70dbb3194] to [a53b6ea2fa].    [diff]

Modified tests/oldTests/tlsSrv.tcl from [94376e17c0] to [03126ed641].    [diff]

Modified tests/oldTests/tlsSrv2.tcl from [55ffa72ce8] to [26eb405e56].    [diff]

Modified tests/oldTests/tlsUpload.tcl from [82c9e6c118] to [7d5a3a1baa].    [diff]

Modified tests/tlsIO.test from [29322e679c] to [f978f73887].    [diff]

Modified tls.c from [15a7d7809d] to [9b5d593b52].    [diff]

Modified tls.h from [dc96a1623e] to [6362c4c989].    [diff]

Modified tls.tcl from [3192efd07b] to [90f08f912e].    [diff]

Modified tlsBIO.c from [66eac232ea] to [540c0ab883].    [diff]

Modified tlsIO.c from [ed5e46f5ea] to [43589242ff].    [diff]

Modified tlsInt.h from [aca790a765] to [65f97677c5].    [diff]

Modified tlsX509.c from [24e0063023] to [a24085972c].    [diff]

Deleted win/ version [91ee39841d].

Deleted win/nmakehlp.c version [892a643209].

Deleted win/ version [ead277b0fc].

Deleted win/tls.rc version [93d9423ff3].