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Artifact d64d5caca7db50fac772275606f0a6f42eecc723:

if {[package vsatisfies [package present Tcl] 8.5]} {
	package ifneeded tls @[email protected] [list apply {{dir} {
		if {{@[email protected]} eq "static"} {
			load {} Tls
		} else {
			load [file join $dir [email protected]@] Tls

		set tlsTclInitScript [file join $dir tls.tcl]
		if {[file exists $tlsTclInitScript]} {
			source $tlsTclInitScript
	}} $dir]
} elseif {[package vsatisfies [package present Tcl] 8.4]} {
	package ifneeded tls @[email protected] [list load [file join $dir [email protected]@] Tls]