Timeline Of Ticket f798e2ea12
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Updated to reset "eofchar" and "encoding" when importing channels as well as translation and blocking (part of [f798e2ea12]) check-in: 1d757f7e2d user: rkeene tags: trunk
Merged in changes to address [f798e2ea12]. The code to manipulate the channel options may not be needed at all, we will review it to see if there are any issues with removing it altogether check-in: a811816bd3 user: rkeene tags: trunk
10:02 Ticket [f798e2ea12] TclTLS does not retain socket state when importing status still Open with 5 other changes artifact: a818c8bdc4 user: anonymous
Added experiment patch for [f798e2ea12] to preserve channel state when importing a channel Closed-Leaf check-in: 60f37290f3 user: rkeene tags: bug-f798e2ea12
22:15 New ticket [f798e2ea12] TclTLS does not retain socket state when importing. artifact: b5b16a04d5 user: anonymous