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  1. Ticket change [b5b16a04d5] (rid 1325) by anonymous on 2017-12-20 22:15:19:

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      11:42 <@ijchain> <rmax_> rkeene: [tls::import] appears to switch a socket that was in -blocking 0 mode before to -blocking 1.
      11:44 <@ijchain> <rmax_> ... it also sets -translation to {lf lf}
      11:45 <@ijchain> <rmax_> Haven't compared it with the old version yet, but -blocking 1 would explain the behaviour I am seeing.
      11:47 <@ijchain> <rmax_> it also enforces -encoding binary
      11:52 <@ijchain> <rmax_> Indeed, if I hack [fconfigure $sock -blocking 0 -buffering none -encoding utf-8] (copied from tkchat) into jabberlib immediately after tls::import/tls::handshake, the hang is gone.
      11:53 <@ijchain> <rmax_> rkeene: I think this is a regression from the old tls package.
      11:54 <@ijchain> <rmax_> [tls::import] should probably not change any [chan configure] options.
      11:56 <@ijchain> <rmax_> OK, so old tls already changed -translation to lf.
      11:57 <@ijchain> <rmax_> But it does retain blocking state and encoding.
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  2. Ticket change [a818c8bdc4] (rid 1328) by anonymous on 2017-12-21 10:02:35:

    1. icomment:
      This is rmax. :)
      I wonder why putting the to be imported socket in blocking mode was added at first place, but unfortunately the checkin comment doesn't tell it:
      Could it be that you added this for debugging reasons and forgot to remove it before committing?
      BTW, the proposed fix only preserves the state of -translation, but -encoding and -eofchar need to be preserved as well, because setting "-translation binary" implicitly also changes these two options.
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