EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

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01:29 Closed ticket [8de7f5aa07]: Enable debugging with wireshark plus 5 other changes artifact: 90b01a63b8 user: bohagan
01:26 Closed ticket [e1f9a21c67]: Add support for ALPN (required for HTTP/2) plus 4 other changes artifact: 0fc271991b user: bohagan
01:24 Closed ticket [0469a61ebc]: handshake failed: certificate verify failed plus 5 other changes artifact: f227cba704 user: bohagan
01:19 Closed ticket [520a0fa76b]: unable to install on CentOS 7 x64 plus 4 other changes artifact: 85a948a39d user: bohagan
01:18 Closed ticket [086954612f]: soem warnings on solaris 11.3 with developerstudio12.5 plus 5 other changes artifact: 10002674db user: bohagan
01:15 Closed ticket [14befce25e]: Compile error with openssl1.1.1.c and GCC plus 4 other changes artifact: 5e53590942 user: bohagan
01:14 Closed ticket [2ec668f901]: debian 9 = undefined symbol: DH_set0_pqg plus 4 other changes artifact: c43e002748 user: bohagan
01:07 Closed ticket [034c8d2587]: Issue with OpenSSL1.1 and dh_param access plus 4 other changes artifact: b93f5bf633 user: bohagan
01:01 Closed ticket [4a7e8bc052]: package provide statement in tls.tcl plus 4 other changes artifact: e0a41fcaae user: bohagan
Added certificate validation process info to the documentation check-in: afe4ade027 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
22:51 Closed ticket [51f70db766]: Can't configure against openssl 1.1.0 plus 4 other changes artifact: 12b030839a user: bohagan
22:48 Closed ticket [ec87fc28d8]: Trying to install TLS 1.7 and I can't plus 5 other changes artifact: d228d8f5fc user: bohagan
22:44 Closed ticket [c2f2f1be54]: Expose SHA-256 fingerprint of certificate plus 5 other changes artifact: 14aa05b28d user: bohagan
22:42 Closed ticket [04d6bb909b]: Add support for ASN1 blobs plus 5 other changes artifact: 32e43a5a35 user: bohagan
22:37 Closed ticket [d0518a5645]: tls::socket -cipher arg not working as expected when -tls1.3 is true plus 4 other changes artifact: 2e1e4b8baa user: bohagan ... 1 similar event omitted.
22:27 Closed ticket [9773973cfc]: Library fails most tests from badssl.com plus 5 other changes artifact: 8cb8ab1889 user: bohagan
22:21 Closed ticket [3c42b2ba11]: Tcl tls does not allow checking certificate subject name against hostname plus 5 other changes artifact: 44edd56d3c user: bohagan
22:13 Closed ticket [f798e2ea12]: TclTLS does not retain socket state when importing plus 4 other changes artifact: 4a95468516 user: bohagan
22:00 Closed ticket [90be78af8b]: Crashes due to OpenSSL threading callbacks if interpreter is deleted plus 5 other changes artifact: 3da4fc388f user: bohagan
21:58 Closed ticket [688788a45c]: review ciphers test plus 5 other changes artifact: 6695ac90c4 user: bohagan
21:53 Ticket [636cbfcca3] Tip of tcltls crashes status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 6959799697 user: bohagan
Updated Tls_NewX509Obj to use Tcl_Objs for returned hex values. Use a dynamically allocated temp buffer. check-in: 121a81e392 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Refactored Tls_NewX509Obj to use Tcl_Size, common var names, added function descriptions, etc. check-in: 1bf152a55d user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Changed Tls_NewX509Obj to not use stack space for all and certificate buffers. This reduces the possibility of a stack overflow. check-in: 17ee565eed user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
03:33 Ticket [636cbfcca3] Tip of tcltls crashes status still Open with 5 other changes artifact: ad8859425c user: anonymous ... 1 similar event omitted.
Documentation updates to add info on certificate validation needs and more debug info. check-in: e4794cbb74 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Updates to provide error status when setting -cadir, -cafile, and -castore options. check-in: 568f5bc7ec user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Undo change in OpenSSL 1.1.1 which enabled SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY. This will avoid hangs in blocking mode after an non-app record is received, but an app record is not yet available. Also enabled SSL_MODE_ENABLE_PARTIAL_WRITE, which allows writes with fewer than all records written to be successful. check-in: 991ab74cdd user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Added more notes to doc file. check-in: 369965b608 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Added support for setting the certificate store check-in: 1cabc3b8f2 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Added more connection status check-in: ab1aa551c0 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Added shutdown handler check-in: 2e607e483a user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Removed obsolete locking code and added support for checking system OpenSSL config file for crypto policies. check-in: 449470132e user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Cache read/write wants from BIO_read/BIO_write and include in watch mask check-in: 268b7a0965 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Added more info to comments check-in: fdb58ae458 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Test case fixes check-in: 0e844836ab user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Added more input and output function error logging check-in: cb680e9fde user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Optimized checks for when to call Tls_WaitForConnect check-in: 9c66e07d09 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Reordered SSL_get_error error cases to match enum and functions to remove prototypes check-in: f61d06b2cb user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Removed debugging item not meant for commit. check-in: 9fbb04d340 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Added back option to enable debug mode that was lost in conversion to new TEA build system check-in: 7e60e66f64 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Merged in generate tls.tcl.h and debug mode option changes Leaf check-in: d00f5eca5d user: bohagan tags: crypto
Added back option to enable debug mode that was lost in conversion to new TEA build system check-in: 73be06fc48 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
16:45 Edit [4b4daeada4]: Move to branch trunk. artifact: 758b26e39a user: rkeene
Replaced old method of including tls.tcl file in compiled library with a cross-platform compatible method check-in: 1f8b36d9a4 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
20:45 Edit [94d2753492]: Mark "Closed". artifact: 8e577938b1 user: jan.nijtmans
20:39 Edit [bb89d73224]: Cancel tag "main". Cancel tag "trunk". artifact: fc34161c65 user: jan.nijtmans
20:38 Edit [94d2753492]: Cancel tag "main". Cancel tag "trunk". artifact: dcc5dc33a4 user: jan.nijtmans
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