EuroTcl/OpenACS 11 - 12 JULY 2024, VIENNA

50 events occurring around 67ead552141bffce.

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20:45 Edit [94d2753492]: Mark "Closed". artifact: 8e577938b1 user: jan.nijtmans
20:39 Edit [bb89d73224]: Cancel tag "main". Cancel tag "trunk". artifact: fc34161c65 user: jan.nijtmans
20:38 Edit [94d2753492]: Cancel tag "main". Cancel tag "trunk". artifact: dcc5dc33a4 user: jan.nijtmans
Eliminate tls_free_type, that can be done smarter without the typecasts everywhere Leaf check-in: 216954cfae user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Merged in changes from master check-in: 9d265b298a user: bohagan tags: crypto
Added makefile option to enable SSL3. Disabled by default. Only use for legacy purposes. check-in: e7615b0d88 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Optimized types and casting check-in: 5deb755d1d user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Removed end of line padding check-in: 3d710c254e user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
Smarter way to handle typecasting in Tls_Free() Leaf check-in: 402b6db186 user: jan.nijtmans tags: nijtmans
Fix Tls_Error() signature Leaf check-in: bc6ff74449 user: jan.nijtmans tags: bohagan
Fix Tls_Error() signature check-in: 53b28536f9 user: jan.nijtmans tags: nijtmans
merge check-in: f6811a4dc1 user: jan.nijtmans tags: bohagan
Fix tlsUuid.h usage and openssl dll installation in makefile.vc check-in: 138a0b52c8 user: jan.nijtmans tags: nijtmans
tlsUuid.h should be built in $(TMP_DIR), not $(WIN_DIR). Eliminate some MSVC warnings check-in: 6bd083aecb user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Restore "license.terms" installation from tclconfig directory check-in: 761a9b9f7b user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
01:10 Closed ticket [c4b29d1dd5]: new configure.ac created by autoupdate plus 5 other changes artifact: 215eaf4b86 user: bohagan
01:06 Closed ticket [6da6e5f4cd]: openssl 3 support plus 5 other changes artifact: 73620e737e user: bohagan
01:02 Closed ticket [b023257dcf]: -servername seemingly ignored when validating cerrts plus 5 other changes artifact: 0b94da9988 user: bohagan
00:45 Closed ticket [c6b35cf0e3]: Test tls-bug58-1.0 fails on FreeBSD plus 5 other changes artifact: 412e2029f3 user: bohagan
00:40 Closed ticket [64cdb76212]: tests/all.tcl always succeeds plus 3 other changes artifact: e9be2539c8 user: bohagan
00:36 Closed ticket [539d25f105]: The isServer argument of CTX_Init() is unused plus 5 other changes artifact: 63a8a21de0 user: bohagan
00:30 Ticket [88c0c84969] EOF handling potentially broken with OpenSSL 1.1.1e or newer status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: 28d32ca3e2 user: bohagan
00:23 Ticket [bb7085cfdc] Test tlsIO-8.1 breaks on FreeBSD status still Closed with 4 other changes artifact: 410ca44564 user: bohagan
00:20 Ticket [006bd0c74e] PATCH: BIO_CTRL_PUSH not handled status still Closed with 3 other changes artifact: 390db77fda user: bohagan
00:17 Ticket [2c7b748796] Control TLS socket server errors status still Closed with 3 other changes artifact: a09a07e554 user: bohagan
00:13 Ticket [c9a4f87325] Use ${prefix}/lib instead TCL_PACKAGE_PATH to find installation folder status still Open with 5 other changes artifact: 67ead55214 user: bohagan
00:10 Ticket [67c13bf99e] --enable-static-ssl configure option has no effect status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 139295eee8 user: bohagan
23:08 Ticket [953b97ccc6] make install fails status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 9b14dff056 user: bohagan ... 1 similar event omitted.
Make error message a const string check-in: c5a4009f73 user: bohagan tags: tls-1.8
CONST86 isn't used anywhere check-in: 1ae43e3550 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
"make install-doc" doesn't work. Install "licence.terms" from src, not src/tclconfig check-in: edb2242112 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Merge check-in: 81350d4895 user: jan.nijtmans tags: bohagan
re-generate configure check-in: ebf674a714 user: jan.nijtmans tags: nijtmans
It appears that TclTLS 1.7.22 was already released check-in: 319a548fcc user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Fix Tls_Error() function signature check-in: 86bf966f5b user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Make TCL_UNUSED() work here. Some indenting changes. check-in: c3b40dfa2a user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Remove end-of-line spacing check-in: 2f817125a5 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
13:53 Edit [b8dafda9a9]: Cancel tag "main". artifact: c05ebfa550 user: jan.nijtmans
13:52 Edit [0d1d711916]: Cancel tag "main". artifact: 3896cd9c27 user: jan.nijtmans
13:52 Edit [8db793f55f]: Cancel tag "main". artifact: ba15015e95 user: jan.nijtmans
13:51 Edit [22f9df2429]: Cancel tag "main". artifact: 6eeff77aa7 user: jan.nijtmans
13:50 Edit [b3ad65760e]: Mark "Closed". artifact: b1dd10d26a user: jan.nijtmans
Update TEA files. Convert *.vc files to cr/lf check-in: 050fe3b49c user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
13:35 Edit [b5c41cdeb6]: Mark "Closed". artifact: c8f7c554ed user: jan.nijtmans
13:33 Edit [4a15938209]: Cancel tag "nijtmans". artifact: 163fc94b70 user: jan.nijtmans
13:32 Edit [0cd384c2ff]: Cancel tag "main". artifact: 26aab4bb33 user: jan.nijtmans
13:30 Edit [4b4daeada4]: Add propagating tag "trunk". artifact: c7070688a9 user: jan.nijtmans
13:29 Edit [4b4daeada4]: Move to branch main. artifact: 7794beb45f user: jan.nijtmans
13:24 Edit [3057d6e2e0]: Move to branch nijtmans. artifact: 04a743233b user: jan.nijtmans
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