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Avoid unnecessary temporary files at build time
User & Date: anonymous on 2017-01-17 11:00:04

  1. icomment:
    I suggest the following change, to avoid unnecessary temporary files at build time.
    Index: Makefile.in
    --- Makefile.in
    +++ Makefile.in
    @@ -36,14 +36,12 @@
     # Create a C-source-ified version of the script resources
     # for TclTLS so that we only need a single file to enable
     # this extension
     tls.tcl.h: @[email protected]/tls.tcl Makefile
    -       od -A n -v -t xC < '@[email protected]/tls.tcl' > tls.tcl.h.new.1
    -       sed '[email protected]  *@@g;[email protected]@0x&, @g' < tls.tcl.h.new.1 > tls.tcl.h.new.2
    -       rm -f tls.tcl.h.new.1
    -       mv tls.tcl.h.new.2 tls.tcl.h
    +       od -A n -v -t xC < '@[email protected]/tls.tcl' | \
    +       sed '[email protected]  *@@g;[email protected]@0x&, @g' > tls.tcl.h
     # Create default DH parameters
     dh_params.h: @[email protected]/gen_dh_params Makefile
            @[email protected]/gen_dh_params @[email protected] > dh_params.h.new
            mv dh_params.h.new dh_params.h
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