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  1. Ticket change [d13e31ddb2] (rid 1251) by anonymous on 2017-01-17 11:00:04:

    1. icomment:
      I suggest the following change, to avoid unnecessary temporary files at build time.
      Index: Makefile.in
      --- Makefile.in
      +++ Makefile.in
      @@ -36,14 +36,12 @@
       # Create a C-source-ified version of the script resources
       # for TclTLS so that we only need a single file to enable
       # this extension
       tls.tcl.h: @[email protected]/tls.tcl Makefile
      -       od -A n -v -t xC < '@[email protected]/tls.tcl' > tls.tcl.h.new.1
      -       sed '[email protected]  *@@g;[email protected]@0x&, @g' < tls.tcl.h.new.1 > tls.tcl.h.new.2
      -       rm -f tls.tcl.h.new.1
      -       mv tls.tcl.h.new.2 tls.tcl.h
      +       od -A n -v -t xC < '@[email protected]/tls.tcl' | \
      +       sed '[email protected]  *@@g;[email protected]@0x&, @g' > tls.tcl.h
       # Create default DH parameters
       dh_params.h: @[email protected]/gen_dh_params Makefile
              @[email protected]/gen_dh_params @[email protected] > dh_params.h.new
              mv dh_params.h.new dh_params.h
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  2. Ticket change [63401761f5] (rid 1252) by rkeene on 2017-01-17 14:42:59:

    1. icomment:
      The reason it's done this way is because the exit status is only of the last command in the pipeline.
      Your solution will only fail if 'sed' fails, not if 'od' fails.  The result will appear to be successful but be a zero byte file.
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