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Comment:Added lazyset to modules index
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SHA3-256: 00eb13763b7e66122255e3738e49e9b73a82b22c4ddf1b514d6c321f5ae1a1dc
User & Date: rkeene 2018-12-31 03:56:39
Added documentation for lazyset check-in: 63c4b82f14 user: rkeene tags: add-lazyset
Added lazyset to modules index check-in: 00eb13763b user: rkeene tags: add-lazyset
Added lazyset module check-in: 6dba867add user: rkeene tags: add-lazyset
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Changes to support/installation/modules.tcl.

    87     87   Module  inifile     _tcl  _man  _null
    88     88   Module  interp      _tcl  _man  _null
    89     89   Module  irc         _tcl  _man _exa
    90     90   Module  javascript  _tcl  _man  _null
    91     91   Module  jpeg        _tcl  _man  _null
    92     92   Module  json        _tcl  _man  _null
    93     93   Module  lambda      _tcl  _man  _null
           94  +Module  lazyset     _tcl  _man  _null
    94     95   Module  ldap        _tcl  _man _exa
    95     96   Module  log          _msg _man  {_exax logger}
    96     97   Module  markdown     _tcl  _man  _null
    97     98   Module  map         _tcl  _man  _null
    98     99   Module  mapproj     _tcl  _man _exa
    99    100   Module  math         _tci _man _exa
   100    101   Module  md4         _tcl  _man  _null