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This is equivalent to a diff from 040ca3e0d8 to 040ca3e0d8

pki - Ameliorated the impact of the new `overhead` argument to pki::rsa::encrypt (an extension API, used by, for example tclpkcs11). Done by moving the new argument to the end of the list and making it optional. Default is 0, the implied value before the change. Tweaked/simplified setup and using expression. Leaf check-in: 040ca3e0d8 user: aku tags: trunk
pki - Fixed breakage introduced with commit [f804eec616] by pooryorick. This was caught by running the pki testsuite. Explanation of the break: Beyond a bugfix and an API change in an extension interface the commit changed a number of general comparisons (`==`, `!=`) to string comparisons (`eq` and `ne`). In one of these the condition became inverted, i.e. an `==` was wrongly changed to `ne`. The fix here changes it to the proper `eq`. check-in: cbfc6ae41c user: aku tags: trunk