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ftp 2.3 (08/16/2000)


	README                - this file
	ChangeLog             - change log

	ftp.tcl               - ftp library package
	ftpdemo.tcl           - ftp test program
        pkgIndex.tcl          - package index file for ftp package

        example/README        - Overview of the example scripts
	example/hpupdate.tcl  - ftp example "homepage update"
	example/mirror.tcl    - ftp example "directoy mirror"
	example/newer.tcl     - ftp example "software update"
	docs/*html            - HTML manual pages

1. Introduction

In order to speed up the update of homepage files on the ftp server of
my ISP, in spring of 1996 I looked for a useful solution. In those days 
I worked with Linux and used the Linux inside ftp tool.
As fan of Tcl/Tk 'expect' was my next choice. It is excelently
suitabled to control interactive processes like ftp sessions. 
A little bit more Tcl/Tk source and hpupdate 0.1 was ready, a script
for the automatical update of homepage files without subdirectories.

In the beginning of 1997 I was intense employed with RFC 959.
Simultaneous I played with the Tcl socket command. Thus the 
FTP library for Tcl was developed...

2. Overview

The FTP Library Package extends tcl/tk with commands to support the 
FTP protocol. The library package is 100% tcl code, no extensions, no
C stuff. It is easily to include in programs with 

             package require ftp 2.2

Now everybody can write an own ftp program with an own GUI. It works
with Windows, UNIX, and also, but not tested on Mac. The ftp package
makes it comfortable and quick to create small tcl scripts for downloading
files or directory trees. The ftp::Open command creates a session handle for
each connection, and that handle is then used as the first argument to the
rest of the commands.

  Supports the following commands:

      ftp::Open <server> <user> <passwd>
      ftp::Close <handle>
      ftp::Cd <handle> <directory>
      ftp::Pwd <handle>
      ftp::Type <handle> <?ascii|binary|tenex?>        
      ftp::List <handle> <?directory?>
      ftp::NList <handle> <?directory?>
      ftp::FileSize <handle> <file>
      ftp::ModTime <handle> <file>
      ftp::Delete <handle> <file>
      ftp::Rename <handle> <from> <to>
      ftp::Put <handle> <(local | -data "data")> <?remote?>
      ftp::Append <handle> <(local | -data "data")> <?remote?>
      ftp::Get <handle> <remote> <?(local | -variable varname)?>
      ftp::Reget <handle> <remote> <?local?>
      ftp::Newer <handle> <remote> <?local?>
      ftp::MkDir <handle> <directory>
      ftp::RmDir <handle> <directory>
      ftp::Quote <handle> <arg1> <arg2> ...
This new Releases use the new "fcopy" command to transfer binary data 
between two channels. There is also a version 0.4 of ftp for
tcl7.6/tk4.2, which works stable using the undocumented command 
"unsupported0" for binary data transfer.