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Ticket UUID: 3316478
Title: prng_rectangle is overwritten by prng_block implementation
Type: Bug Version: None
Submitter: andreas_kupries Created on: 2011-06-14 22:48:25
Subsystem: simulation::random Assigned To: arjenmarkus
Priority: 7 High Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2013-01-09 07:20:08
Resolution: Fixed Closed By: andreas_kupries
    Closed on: 2013-01-09 00:20:08
he implementation of prng_Block is mis-named as prng_Rectangle, overwriting the prng_Rectangle procedure coming just before it.
Making both Rectangle and Block unusable.
User Comments: andreas_kupries added on 2013-01-09 07:20:08:
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arjenmarkus added on 2011-06-16 20:24:07:
Corrected that typo, as well as the superfluous parenthesis. Time to write a proper test suite

andreas_kupries added on 2011-06-15 23:57:08:
allow_comments - 0

Reopening. Now its called 'Blocke' in the code.
Note the trailing 'e'.

Side note: This and the chi-squared fix warrant a bumping of the package's patchlevel.

arjenmarkus added on 2011-06-15 14:06:45:
allow_comments - 1

Fixed - name of the procedure changed to the correct one