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Ticket UUID: 1704626
Title: asn : PRIVAT -> PRIVATE
Type: Bug Version: None
Submitter: andreas_kupries Created on: 2007-04-20 22:28:25
Subsystem: asn Assigned To: mic42
Priority: 5 Medium Severity:
Status: Closed Last Modified: 2007-04-21 19:34:06
Resolution: Fixed Closed By: mic42
    Closed on: 2007-04-21 12:34:06
PRIVAT is german, PRIVATE is the equivalent english translation. AFAIK.
User Comments: mic42 added on 2007-04-21 17:49:01:
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Good catch. Will fix ASAP.

andreas_kupries added on 2007-04-21 05:31:10:
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Originator: YES

Note: We do not seem to have test cases for asnTag/asnPeekTag regarding PRIVAT, nor CONTEXT either. Only UNIVERSAL and APPLICATION.