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5 check-ins related to "ticket-266d1474a5"

Per ticket [266d1474a5], modified calls for info command to info commands (to better match the Tcl docs) The following packages were modified: base64/uuencode, base64/yencode, crc/crc32, crc/sum, dns/spf, ftp/ftp_geturl, ftpd/ftpd, md4/md4, md5/md5x, nettool/nettool, nettool/platform_windows, processman/processman, ripemd/ripemd128, ripemd/ripemd160, sha1/sha1, sha1/sha1v1, sha1/sha256, textutil/expander, uuid/uuid Per ticket [91d3bd90fd], modified the package name for odie::processman to processman. The processman.tcl file now provides two packages: odie::processman and processman. At some point after users have transitioned, we will yank the old package name. check-in: 272b6e8ee1 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
Added a backward compatible alias to odie::processman from processman.tcl Closed-Leaf check-in: 9ec8eebe58 user: hypnotoad tags: ticket-266d1474a5
Merging in upstream changes check-in: ac6400bd0b user: hypnotoad tags: odie
Fixed cases where calls to info commands were expressed as info command. Ticket [266d1474a5] Renamed the odie::processman package to processman, as it no longer depends on odie. Ticket [91d3bd90fd] check-in: 1b6fa7e91f user: hypnotoad tags: ticket-266d1474a5
Ticket [14e3acd8d7] - Modified sak.tcl's "critcl" command to use an explicit cache directory, ".critcl" under the build directory (CWD), for building Tcllib's critcl parts. check-in: fe05de3454 user: aku tags: trunk