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15 check-ins related to "tcllib-1-6-branch"

ChangeLog merge. Merging ChangeLog. queue: Updated dispatcher, object command generation. Sync'd to other classes. stack: Dispatcher update, sync'd command generation to other classes. Updated tests. Spelling police, and fix for SF Tcllib Bug 1005380. struct sets, fixed [Tcllib SF Bug 1002143]. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1c7c28356c user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
struct sets, fixed [Tcllib SF Bug 1002143]. Struct graph bugfix for [SF Tcllib Bug 1003671]. check-in: e4463363fc user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Struct graph bugfix for [SF Tcllib Bug 1003671]. Fix for Tcllib SF Bug 1000716. check-in: 67d4c70482 user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Fix for Tcllib SF Bug 1000716. Fixed typo in command name. check-in: 32a69e50ee user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Fixed typo in command name. Import of Kevin's changes to math, restricted to bugfixes. Import of Kevin's changes: More printouts in calendar tests. check-in: 60bfb97c59 user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Import of Pat Thoyts' changes to smtpd: Shortened HELO response to ease up on simple clients. Import of Pat Thoyt's changes, fix of [Tcllib SF Bug 934134]. Bugfix in matrix, method search, option -nocase invoked infinite loop. Now fixed. check-in: 2631bf1eee user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Bugfix in matrix, method search, option -nocase invoked infinite loop. Now fixed. Updated outdated reference in mpexpand manpage. check-in: e9f72dd810 user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Updated outdated reference in mpexpand manpage. Changelog merges. Import of logger bugfixes. check-in: 870b11493f user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Changelog merges. Import of logger bugfixes. Import more of Michael Schlenker's bugfixes to logger. Tagged for release. check-in: 9f2f5df413 user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Tagged for release. Last minute fix of buglet in smtp, asking for wrong version of mime. Release engineering. Updated version numbers to reflect the changes made to various modules and packages. Also added the README for version 1.6.1. check-in: 8b7c527b6d user: andreas_kupries tags: release, tcllib-1-6-1, tcllib-1-6-branch
Cleaning up after Aaron. Fixed test in fileutil testsuite after it was broken by extension/fix of jpeg recognition. check-in: 110e72da51 user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Import ftpd bugfixes by Gerald Lester. Changed version in the branch. check-in: a4efd40043 user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Changed version in the branch. Downgraded to version 1.3.6, removed -decode extension from this branch. check-in: dfe58a07bc user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
Downgraded to version 1.3.6, removed -decode extension from this branch. Import of ftpd bugfix by Gerald Lester. Last commit was a bad update, caused duplicates of changes to appear. Failed testsuite. Removed all the duplicates now. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 954328. Mime now adapts at runtime to whatever version of md5 has been loaded. Updated test for rewritten adjust which fixed the infinite looping demonstrated by tests 2.6 and 2.7. Also fixed a var usage typo which caused a copy of the input to appear in the output, before the expected formatted result. Fixed bug in the processing of multi-word section titles for text based formats. Fixed bug 951568, regarding the usage of Trf's generic transform. Fixed problems with jpeg recognition (was unable to detect a jpeg file, if it contained exif data). Changelog for last patch, and updates in related package. Completed application of code for various fixes. Rewritten text adjustment and hyphenation, fixing SF TCllib Bug 882402. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 936064, and evals more robust. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 893516 Fixed SF Tcllib Patch 763712 Fixed SF Tcllib Patch 758742 Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 620852 Eval usage made more robust and similar. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 943146. Fixed SF Tcllib Bug 940651 SF Tcllib Bug 784519 fixed. Pat: sak.tcl update for better use of critcl. Joe: Fix in doctools xml support. Import bugfix by Pat Thoyts, Handling of data starting with hyphen/dash Import of uuencode changes by Jeff Hobbs. Changed defaults for package 'log'. No output for the all levels below 'error'. Unified the startup header of all applications, using suggestions made by Stuart Cassof <[email protected]>. Added testcase for Tcllib SF Bug 860753. The bug itself was already fixed for Tcllib 1.6. Fix for bug 899204. Test data file is opened read-only, and tests made independent of each other. Bugfix 899152, 899209. Require Tcl 8.2 for installer, delete file before writing over it. Import of time fix by Pat Thoyts, patch #905132. Cleanup fix: Snit depends on Tcl 8.4, this is documented, however neither package index, nor testsuite enforced the restriction, allowing for errors. This has been changed now. Fixed typos check-in: 68c5dd3dab user: andreas_kupries tags: tcllib-1-6-branch
* * Released and tagged Tcllib 1.6 ======================== * * list.tcl (split): New method, like 'filter', but returns lists * list.test: of both passing and failing elements. Extended * both testsuite and documentation. check-in: cf54baf0cc user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk, release, tcllib-1-6