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21 check-ins related to "tcllib-1-18-rc"

Tcllib 1.18 Release check-in: c272ee3410 user: aku tags: trunk, release, tcllib-1-18
Bump version. Make it official. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1a2beac9fc user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
Merged bugfix on trunk. Updated docs. check-in: 4268dab54f user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
Small bugfix mentioned in email to tcllib-devel today. Also lifts some manpage cleanup to .dtx source. check-in: 475a79542b user: lars_h tags: trunk
Bumped version numbers for various packages which had such missing compared to their functional changes. Updated embedded docs. Main version bump. README for new release. check-in: cd55e22736 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
doctools - html - Fixed expected html results in testsuite. check-in: 7c0312ecb1 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
Pulled trunk work into the release candidate check-in: d15fe44be9 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
httpd - Disable some debug output. Fix Tcl requirement in testsuite, and fix general testsuite setup. check-in: aec695906e user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
tool - Make requirement of Tcl 8.6 visible in code and testsuite check-in: 49e9ebf39f user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
nns::cluster - More fixes, now passing. Disabled debug outputs. check-in: 05ea433383 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
nns::cluser - Requires Tcl 8.5 (dict). Fixed testsuite to the point where it actually runs. check-in: ca14c66dcb user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
oo::dialect, oo::util, tool - Fixed testsuite setup broken by assumption about tcllib directory name, and not following the general format. check-in: 29a12d4bd8 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
nettool - Fixed var-name typo uncovered by uuid testsuite. Version bumped to 0.5.1 Oops. That is equivalent to [f67057efe8a986d3] on trunk done by schlenk. check-in: 233a0cbc9c user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
uuid - Bumped min required Tcl to 8.5 (expand operator used for nettool integration). check-in: feefe67751 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
yaml - huddle::json - Fixed missing TclOO requirement in testsuite. check-in: c88a44b783 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
math::random - Disabled debug output in Random-lognormal. check-in: 44d5037dc7 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
Fixed ticket 2886893. check-in: 6db639dcd1 user: schlenk tags: trunk
Pulled changes from the odie branch: Examples: * Removed the --baseurl from the example fossil launcher Nettool: * the build_services.tcl tool in nettool no longer calls for the non-existant package listutil * A reimplmentation of cluster::sleep in the nns_cluster package. oo::dialect: * Improvements and fixes to namespace handing in oo::dialect * Improved cross-framework handling of class aliases and canonical names * Added a test suite for oo::dialect oo::meta: * Added a function to poll only data specificly defined by a class (and not its ancestors) * Fixed a goof that was causing core_class data to not be included in the gestalt tool: * Method ensembles are only built for classes which have modified one of the submethods. Other classes will get them for free through inheritance. And this prevents a primitive implementation in a mixin from overriding a more advanced version in an object's class. * Removed the locks created during the constructor * Added a -nocomplain to the unset logic in object_destroy * Replaced configure and cget with a method ensemble "config" which manages the local config dict * Options are now stored in a dict named config, instead of an array call options * Split the Functional parts of InitializePublic into a different method ClassPublicApply. ClassPublicApply can be called per-mixin, and understands the different between taking on properties of a main class vs a mixin * Added an optimization to allow a class to generate a pre-digested report of what its variables, arrays, and options are. * Added tao-style option_class handing to options. This allows an option to inherit repetitive properties from a template * TOOL no longer supports string option handling * Removed the complex bits of pipeline handling, that was really taotk specific stuff * Simplified the tool test suite New module: tool::datatype * Used by Tao and other projects * Condenses text display and input validation into an encyclopedia of object types check-in: 590f98ff56 user: hypnotoad tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
Added tracking information for coroutine pipeline failures check-in: 2558853144 user: hypnotoad tags: odie
Create new branch named "tcllib-1-18-rc" check-in: 66aa7fa7b3 user: aku tags: tcllib-1-18-rc
yaml - huddle - Ticket [27ed7fc771] - Updated to latest work by Miguel. Regenerated documentation. check-in: 5a516799b4 user: aku tags: trunk