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3 check-ins related to "smtp-init-tkt-d9be31a488"

mime / smtp <B> Ticket [d9be31a488] Fixed operation of smtp::initialize when both server- and port-list contain more than one element. Bumped to 1.4.6 check-in: f8b74f465b user: aku tags: trunk
mime / smtp <B> Ticket [d9be31a488] Simplify how `smtp::initialize` iterates over -servers and -ports. Updated the documentation. Version bumped to 1.4.6. Thanks to boegge for the report of the problem with the old code. Closed-Leaf check-in: 9c0c77acf0 user: aku tags: smtp-init-tkt-d9be31a488
log / log <EF> Ticket [19607f927b] Merged new `logsubst` command to prevent execution of expensive message construction until actually needed. Version bumped to 1.4. Thanks to Harald for idea and implementation. check-in: ea802e332b user: aku tags: trunk