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9 check-ins related to "pyk-tar"

Get tar fixes back. check-in: 2917507b22 user: andreask tags: trunk
Update to head of trunk. Closed-Leaf check-in: 93aa26ab06 user: andreask tags: pyk-tar
Bumped package version, updated logs, ready to merge. Fixed ticket [6b7aa0aecc]. check-in: 4a2f75b5da user: andreask tags: pyk-tar
The issue with the skip code was not the limit to 64K, but how the code (a) assumed the wrong type for the result of 'read' (number of bytes, but is the read data), and (b) mis-handled short reads. Using 'string length' to convert the result type into what was needed, and using the proper condition was what fixed the issue, and not getting rid of the limit. I have now re-instated the limit, with in-code explanation of why it makes sense, and verified that this still passes the testsuite. I further changed the variable names to be much more self-documenting as well. check-in: 8de453c348 user: andreask tags: pyk-tar
Fixed the testsuite up somewhat. (1) Moved helper code into separate file. (2) Replaced helper code blocks in variables with proper procedures. (3) Simplified setup1, cleanup1 No need to search for and create lots of temp dirs in setup, just remove the directory in cleanup. Now use single temp dir, fixed name. (4) Fixed setup of tests in general (4a) Added emacs mode marker to get proper Tcl mode. (4b) Added missing Tcl 8.5 requirement (4c) Use canonical 'use' command for access to local package (memchan). (5) Constrained the one test requiring Tcl 8.6 (zlib) It is not yet clear to me why the 'stream' helper (to create a large file) is so complex. check-in: 624a1ee7b8 user: andreask tags: pyk-tar
Merging Mime Modifications. check-in: c2829102b5 user: andreask tags: trunk
fix setup1 script for tar.test so that tests don't pollute each other check-in: cecf9adb75 user: pooryorick tags: pyk-tar
add a test suite for tar module fix for bug 6b7aa0aecca6fdce12589884c3c9ea2b50c92ad4, tar::skip silently truncates at 65536 check-in: 165e7adf41 user: pooryorick tags: pyk-tar
general cleanup. use expr operators like eq instead of string commands check-in: 913f7d92c5 user: pooryorick tags: pyk-mime-cleanup