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12 check-ins related to "new-module-clock"

Merged the clock fixes into the release. Closed-Leaf check-in: 472c75a7bc user: aku tags: tcllib-1-15-rc
Implemented the YYYY-Www and YYYYWww formats, with test cases. Closed-Leaf check-in: 730be11a05 user: aku tags: new-module-clock
Fixing problems in the ISO parsing, and testsuite ... (1) The [clock scan] heuristics for handling a missing month and/or day are in conflict with the ISO specification. When encountering such a pattern we now rewrite pattern and input to force the ISO defaults. (2) Fixed the regular expression for the time information in a full timestamp as it did not handle that : in a TZ offset is optional, nor that minutes and seconds are optional (The code after the MatchTime was prepared for such missing fields however). (2a) Again missing HMS fields got the wrong defaults. We are now rewriting the pattern and input to force the proper ISO defaults (start of day, hour, minute). (3) Fixed the tests which thought that 199707 is YYYYMM. ISO (Wikipedia) explicitly says that this is YYMMDD instead. (3a) Added missing patterns for YYYY-MM and YYYY. (4) Fixed the test numbering, had some duplicates. (5) Fixed one test with wrong results, expected 11:20 for input specifying 11:00. check-in: 7e70b9d4a7 user: aku tags: new-module-clock
Added test for various ISO formats. check-in: d6cc1fe035 user: gerald tags: new-module-clock
Merged new module "clock" and its packages. Updated README, installer. check-in: cd800dd45a user: andreask tags: tcllib-1-15-rc
Module "clock", first true test cases. Fixed copyright date of test suites check-in: 2f98801dfb user: andreask tags: new-module-clock
Fixed various oopses, and added extremely basic test suites. check-in: e10fcf124a user: aku tags: new-module-clock
Replaced use of eval in iso8601 parsing with {*}-expansion, given that this is made 8.5+ only check-in: aae058e5bf user: andreask tags: new-module-clock
Fixed oops in package index, forgot version numbers. check-in: a11c859742 user: andreask tags: new-module-clock
Added documentation and definitions for tclchecker. check-in: 98aaf82de9 user: andreask tags: new-module-clock
New module, clock. rfc2822 and iso8601 parsing. taken from wiki. no docs yet check-in: 9a82504277 user: andreask tags: new-module-clock
Regenerated the certificates here again, 10 years at 1024 bit. The issue with [7b80198969] seems to have been that I extended the Root cert validity to 100 years, and that screwed something up. With the root certs now back to 10 years (+10 days) validity, things are fine. I suspect that I may have run into the Y2038 problem in either Tcl and/or openssl. check-in: 8252e19883 user: andreask tags: trunk