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50 most recent check-ins related to "hypnotoad"

Fixed error in httpd: FormData was not getting information from GET requests Fixed error in httpd: File based content was looking at REQUEST_URI instead of REQUEST_PATH Fixed problem in practcl: PreInitScript on Windows cannot include a source Leaf check-in: 7fda9d9978 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Fixed an error with Clay's uuid generator when running with Tcllib's md5 implementation SCGI servers now read the doc_root setting and expose that as the DOCUMENT_ROOT header to scgi application code check-in: 2b1fd1d488 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Pulling changes from trunk check-in: 147792792a user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Integrated last of hypnotoad branch Leaf check-in: 8ec2d6ea79 user: aku tags: trunk
Integrated testsuite fixups Merged latest work from trunk Regenerated documentation. - Fixed outdated references to Use `modules/common-text/` now. check-in: e3ae2af3f4 user: aku tags: hypnotoad
Added demonstrations of passing configuration parameters and seeing the data reflected in behavior in httpd Closed-Leaf check-in: 367088a3b3 user: hypnotoad tags: aku-the-big-httpd-testsuite-cleanup
Starting to investigate the issue with `scgi-client-0006` I was unable to help myself and started a cleanup of the tests first. - Fixed up indentation all over the place. - Moved all the various expected replies (404, 200, 500) into constructor procedures. This not only made the individual tests clearer, but also easier to properly indent. - Removed the custom `httpd::test::compare` (HTC). Switched to regular tcltest glob matching, plus string map for basic templating of some expected results (200... variants). - The thing with the `norm-eol` I had to add (*) makes me suspect that HTC hid a possible bug in the proxy coding around the handling of line endings. (Of course, my norm-eol now works around the same thing, if in a different manner). (Ad *) See marker `AKU` in the code. - Moved the cgi helper application into an `assets` directory. No need for dynamic creation and deletion. Just tweak the `path` it is looked for. With all this I can now easy see that `scgi-client-0006` returns a 500 server error to us, instead of the expected file. check-in: 91d4900a3d user: aku tags: aku-the-big-httpd-testsuite-cleanup
Update to clay, practcl, and httpd brought over from the clay project. clay - fixes a typo in the ensemble generator - Removed a call to cron::object_destroy (we don't always run with cron) - Added a tool-like event manager - Removed where the amalgamater was adding dictargs twice - Added a "short" uuid for local projects httpd - updates to clay - Test fixes - Remove CSS templating from the vanilla httpd - Some behind the scenes tweaks to accomodate the cuneiform module when httpd is used in external packages practcl - updates to clay - Static packages are now advertised in the tclpreinitscript, eliminating the need for the master process to throw a bootstrap to new threads check-in: 6ae00eec07 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Updated clay to mirror the latest version on (0.8) * Adds support for short UUIDs * Adds support for the embedded md5 generator in odielibc * Integrates dictargs into the clay syntax Update practcl * Embedded clay version is now 0.8 * Fixes a bug in installModule for an empty directory * Fixes a longstanding issue with bootstrapping child interps and threads from kits check-in: 0aa60d1fa8 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Add two tests for the quasirandom packages; describe and test the estimates for the number of primes in an interval check-in: c2db185801 user: arjenmarkus tags: trunk
Version bump and typo fix check-in: cc3e325115 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Practcl fixes: Added an optional argument to build-tclsh for the caller to specify the effective path for the build environment. Fixed a spot in auto-detection that was banking on the localsrcdir define being defined... by auto-detection. check-in: fb659ebc12 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Closing a fork check-in: f49f632755 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Updated branch with trunk work in prep for merge back (zig). Resolves most test issues of the branch. check-in: e7e38ee473 user: aku tags: hypnotoad
Changed the name of the ::kitpkg() array to ::starkit::static_package() to avoid polluting the global namespace check-in: a20ae30353 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Doctools: - Extended testsuite, markdown special character example. - Fixed issue in markdown engine with handling of its special characters in verbatim blocks. Should not emit them as quoted, they are not special in such blocks. Regenerated package docs (version bump & fixes making changes) Version bump - doctools 1.5.2 B (markdown) T (markdown) check-in: c74461e613 user: aku tags: trunk
Adding loads for modules that httpd's dependencies have a dependency on check-in: 365742ea93 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Replacing a global g(HOME) which means something in a TOBE kit with ::starkit::localHome if the application is looking for somewhere to grap preferences/etc check-in: 20d0246bc6 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Nettool's build script wasn't implementing the ladd command. Clay was missing a fix that kept it's loader from accidentally creating variables in the global namespace as a side effect of a foreach loop check-in: ae3d36ca11 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Re-Registering clay with the installer check-in: ad61ac4ac5 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Bringing Trunk up to date with all of the hypnotoad branch changes since the split from the pooryorick branch. check-in: 6ff9027a29 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Pulling a commit to uuid that was missed check-in: 63590365a7 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
Pulling changes from trunk Closed-Leaf check-in: 22608b7917 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Pulling in changes to re-introduce a snapshot of mime,smtp and ncgi to allow existing modules to function. Modules that need the old ways must explicitly call for [package require -exact mime 1.6] (and such) check-in: f3988b211a user: hypnotoad tags: pooryorick
Smtp.tcl reverted to the pooryorick version All package require mime 1.6 have been changes to package require -exact mime check-in: 5e923cd325 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Whoops. Wrong mime check-in: 6010c7a80d user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Rolled oometa back to the release version check-in: eb80bb87f0 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Catching a straggling test check-in: bed428821c user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Adding a retro version of ncgi version 1.4, and telling packages that aren't prepared for the API changes to instead load the retro version. check-in: 64d8f51855 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Adding a backward compadible ncgi-1.4 package check-in: 99c76b0a54 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Reverting mime.test to trunk to clean up some IDE "helpfulness" dealing with utf-8ism check-in: eb5d72f672 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
More fixes towards a dual version supported mime. With a gentle fallback to 1.6 if 1.7 is not supported due to the bug in 8.6.8 check-in: 22ce5a52e2 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Adding snapshots of the mime 1.7 and smtp 1.5 code base until migration issues are ironed out check-in: 47143c71e0 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Pulling changes from pooryorick branch check-in: e338b5bee7 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Bodges to get the httpd and mime tests to run again. Closed-Leaf check-in: a202a3b3ac user: hypnotoad tags: toad-mimefix
Provisional patch to fix to make the ego and chan modules conform to some semblance of a community standard -- Start of the pooryorick branch check-in: b45ea48529 user: hypnotoad tags: toad-mimefix
Fixing version of textutil::wcswidth in the pkgIndex file check-in: c0c1f0de61 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Resolving a merge conflict check-in: 4c7e4bc7e7 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Pulling changes from trunk check-in: ed4cd1b325 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Bug fixes and a version bump to practcl check-in: 32300021ed user: hypnotoad tags: pooryorick
Pulling changes from trunk check-in: 17ac21f611 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Removed the comments from the dynamically generated bodies. They just clog up scm checkins, and if someone is curious, the table itself is in the build directory check-in: f8025492fa user: hypnotoad tags: pooryorick
Adding in the new wcswidth extension to textutil Bug fixes for clay and oodialect. check-in: 996df0b7c9 user: hypnotoad tags: pooryorick
Added wcswidth calculations to the textutil modules. This mechanism allows screen rendering agents to know how many columns to reserve for certain (predominately Eastern) characters. Per: check-in: 28aec2e16b user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Fix to move oo::dialect tests out of the global namespace check-in: b977e9d4f1 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Pulling new versions of clay, practcl, dicttol, cron, and tool from the hypnotoad branch. Clay and tool are now build as standalone modules with their own dedicated copies of support code. Clay's embedded software fits inside of the clay namespace. Tool still spreads its seeds all over the global namespace to presever backward compadiblity with older version. Reminder: Clay is the successor to tool. If you are starting new development, you should use clay instead of Tool. Tool has some design limitations and a rather impolite implementation. It should be considered deprecated... as much as anything in tcllib is allowed to be deprectated. Tool is being maintained in its present state to support the Integrated Recoverability Model until its developers get a chance to port Taolib to Clay. check-in: e397dc9470 user: hypnotoad tags: pooryorick
Pulling in tool snapshot from the tool support branch check-in: c515d11a3d user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
Starting a branch to develop a version of tool that is new-version-of-tcllib proof, to support IRM, with a snapshot in time embedded version of cron, oodialect, dicttool, and oometa. Closed-Leaf check-in: 64f22bd586 user: hypnotoad tags: tool
Fix to clay's build process. Update practcl to use clay's new internals check-in: 35a193d390 user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad
New consolidate packaging for clay. Clay now includes its own implementation of uuid, dicttool, and oodialiect (in their own namespaces under clay) rather than make those packages an external dependency. Modified httpd to utilize the new clay internal functions. check-in: 03f9ce471a user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad