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3 check-ins related to "httpd-ssl"

More fixes for ssl - Closing branch, this branch has too much contamination from the unfortunate Trunk Saga of 2018 Closed-Leaf check-in: 00b11abd2e user: hypnotoad tags: httpd-ssl
Added provisional support for SSL check-in: c57cecd147 user: hypnotoad tags: httpd-ssl
Added an annotation capacity to practcl, which allows the doctools generator to read and document class variables, options, and delegates. Added missing documentation to httpd. New version of clay which adds a new "branch" method to oo::class/oo::object's clay ensemble. The branch method tells the system to mark the designated address as a branch, even it empty. Fixed a bug in clay where a Dict or Array keyword with no values would fail to actually register in the clay system. check-in: 89719d76cf user: hypnotoad tags: hypnotoad