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11 check-ins related to "gam-namespacex-improve"

Integrated Andrew Mangogna's and Nathan Coulter's work on namespacex, with thanks. check-in: dc845d0c83 user: aku tags: trunk
namespacex - Fill in Extended testsuite to cover new commands `normalize` and `strip`. Extended testsuite to cover wrong#args for `import`. Fixed typo in documentation of `strip`. Split `strip` into public and internal forms, with the public form performing argument normalization and checking not required by the internal form (*), and documented for the public. (*) The internal form has only a minimal check asserting that the prefix namespace is given as an FQN. Closed-Leaf check-in: e993dd5c68 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve
namespacex - Forward porting commit [ccd9433cb2abd51c] Part 2: Bug fix. Fixed the mishandling of relative namespace arguments if they are not refering to a child of the global namespace :: The bug fix is accepted as is from the original commit, with thanks to Pooryorick (Nathan Coulter). check-in: b9ccb9de72 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve
namespacex - Forward porting commit [ccd9433cb2abd51c] Part 1: Tests. Extended the testsuite to demonstrate that the current command implementations mishandle relative namespace arguments if they are not refering to a child of the global namespace :: Note, the changes made here diverge totally from the changes made in the original commit. Explicitly added new tests to cover the mishandled cases, leaving the existing coverage intact. The original commit OTOH shifted the entire testsuite over to cover relative namespace names, retracting the coverage for fully-qualified namespace names. check-in: 022a85f807 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve
Forward port of Andrew Mangogna's fixup work for the namespacex package. Partial port of Pooryorick's extensions, just enough to work and pass a mostly unmodified testsuite. Still to investigate and port the larger changes for relative namespace references, in both code and tests. check-in: 2dfb59ac95 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve
Test fixes in assorted modules - hook: Updated to match changes in 8.6+ core error stack results. - html: Undone bad removal of some trailing whitespace. - markdown: Fixed bad name of untabify2 function, and fixed result postprocessing in tests. - math::pca is Tcl 8.6+ - string::token::shell: Updated to match result variation starting with 8.6. check-in: e6742077ec user: aku tags: trunk
Fixed version mismatch between code and index, and in the docs. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1d8d51de9c user: aku tags: pooryorick, gam-namespacex-improve
Changes to the namespacex module to remove test case failures. Because of the use of the "try" command in one of the subcommands of the module, tests failed on Tcl 8.5. Added conditional package require for the tcllib implementation of the "try" command if it is not found (i.e. if testing under a pre-8.6 interpreter). check-in: b2bac59979 user: andrewm tags: pooryorick, gam-namespacex-improve
Improvements to namespacex module. 1. Corrected bug in import command. 2. Incremented version number to 0.2 since the import command was added at some point in time. 3. Added documentation for the hook commands. 4. Added documentation for the import command. 5. Added test cases for the hook and import commands. 6. Reworked some of the command descriptions to add more precise information. check-in: 0c13951b59 user: andrewm tags: pooryorick, gam-namespacex-improve
Create new branch named "gam-namespacex-improve" check-in: 147e96e0e6 user: andrewm tags: pooryorick, gam-namespacex-improve
Removed the comments from the dynamically generated bodies. They just clog up scm checkins, and if someone is curious, the table itself is in the build directory check-in: f8025492fa user: hypnotoad tags: pooryorick