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4 check-ins related to "decode-fixes"

Merged fix made to the zipfile decoder. check-in: 3a8e0f4bed user: aku tags: trunk
zipfile::decode - Bumped to version 0.7.1. Importing fix to handling of [unsigned]. The bad [unsigned] handling tripped a bogus mismatch error for archives with more than 32K files (tnecd). Further fixed the error message at that place, and added proper error codes to all places throwing errors, and factored things into helper procedures for this. Regenerated the documentation. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1d31a22020 user: andreask tags: decode-fixes
fileutil::decode - Bumped to version 0.2.1 - Fixed conversion of values to [unsigned]. The clipping mask is dependent on the length of the value (in bytes). This tripped package "zipfile::decode" when trying to handle a zip file containing more than 32K files. Further extended to provide proper error codes when throwing an error. check-in: 139dc57787 user: andreask tags: decode-fixes
Correct handling of case sensitivity specifiers in "string" tests. check-in: 83c630410e user: pooryorick tags: trunk