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2 check-ins related to "bug-td-coroutine"

In coroutine and coro_auto: 'read' must correctly emulate Tcl's built-in read and not close the chan at EOF. Add command expansion in 'global', which looks like it never worked. Took the opportunity to fix how 'global' stores coro-global values so that we don't tramp on Frame #1's local variables (no compatibility break as 'global' never worked). Bumped versions. Adding tests. Work-in-progress. Leaf check-in: 5f50c249bd user: twylite tags: bug-td-coroutine
Ticket [ac8d016077]. Package coroutine and coroutine::auto. Fixed missing variable "result" in various ok code paths. Bumped versions to 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 respectively. check-in: 7bed475cb2 user: andreask tags: trunk