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5 check-ins related to "ak-fix-traverse-symlinks"

fileutil 1.14.9 - Fixed issue with symlink handling of the "find" command. While the original code broke cycles it also broke (i.e. skipped) non-cycle symlinks. The new code breaks only cycles. fileutil::traverse 0.4.4 - Ditto. Updated tests, docs. No ticket associated with this. check-in: e4cc97ecc8 user: aku tags: trunk
Updated version information in the package index as well, and updated the documentation. This is now ready for merging. Closed-Leaf check-in: 4599fe667f user: andreask tags: ak-fix-traverse-symlinks
Confirmed same issue for fileutil(::find). Test added, fixed buglet in expected output. check-in: 935565ca7e user: andreask tags: ak-fix-traverse-symlinks
Extended testsuite of fileutil::traverse demonstrating a problem with its symlink handling. While it properly breaks cycles, it can also break non-cycle links if the referenced path is handled before the link. And vice versa, if the link is handled the non-link path is not traversed. The fileutil package's find command is likely affected in the same manner. Opened branch to fix this. check-in: e3bc24a81e user: andreask tags: ak-fix-traverse-symlinks
Merged pooryorick's original work and branch check-in: d9d86cd9ff user: aku tags: trunk