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Parents and children of check-in [e993dd5c68]

Integrated Andrew Mangogna's and Nathan Coulter's work on namespacex, with thanks. check-in: dc845d0c83 user: aku tags: trunk
namespacex - Fill in Extended testsuite to cover new commands `normalize` and `strip`. Extended testsuite to cover wrong#args for `import`. Fixed typo in documentation of `strip`. Split `strip` into public and internal forms, with the public form performing argument normalization and checking not required by the internal form (*), and documented for the public. (*) The internal form has only a minimal check asserting that the prefix namespace is given as an FQN. Closed-Leaf check-in: e993dd5c68 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve
namespacex - Forward porting commit [ccd9433cb2abd51c] Part 2: Bug fix. Fixed the mishandling of relative namespace arguments if they are not refering to a child of the global namespace :: The bug fix is accepted as is from the original commit, with thanks to Pooryorick (Nathan Coulter). check-in: b9ccb9de72 user: aku tags: gam-namespacex-improve